Must all businesses be online?

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A 2017 study showed 47% of people Visited the company’s website before purchasing, and 55% of people searched online for reviews and suggestions. This means that more than half of consumers will search for your business online before deciding to buy a product. But with the prosperous development of high street and physical stores, does your business really need to be online?


When conducting business outside of a physical store, you are limited by store hours and customer geographic location. However, when you conduct business online, customers can view, buy and compare your products or services anytime and anywhere.

Your business can operate on a global scale without having to expand financially or physically, without having to build or buy multiple stores. Doing business online can improve your sales and increase your customer reach.For example, Unilever put one of its brands (Ben and Jerry’s) online in 2020 and saw its overall e-commerce sales 76% increase .

Customer Support

In addition to increasing sales and customer base, when your company is online, your customers can also get a better customer support experience. For some people, going online in order to get better customer service may be counterproductive because there is less face-to-face communication between customers. However, no matter the time of day, no matter where your customers are, they can visit your website and express their concerns easily.

You can use chat bots that are readily available to allow your customers to talk to your company representatives 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Business cost

When developing a business in a physical store, you must consider rental costs, purchase new inventory to fill the vacancies in the store, and pay employees for operating each location. By the time you spend time and money to reopen a new store to grow your business, the opening of the new store may not be as profitable as you hoped.

However, when you expand your business online, your initial cost is small. You only need to buy a domain name and spend some time uploading content and launching your website. It couldn’t be easier.

Build a website

For some companies, the idea of ​​moving your business online may seem daunting and out of reach. Where do you start?Well, nowadays, it’s actually easier than ever Create your own website . There are many companies that offer free and easy-to-build websites, so you can make your business online instantly.

Of course, in addition to creating a website to promote or sell your products, you should always take advantage of other free advertisements available online. Make your company a social media page and use this free tool to interact with customers and promote your products.

You can download this article in PDF format via the link below to support us.
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