Myxer – Latest GTK Volume Mixer for PulseAudio

Myxer is the latest new volume mixer application for PulseAudio sound servers. This is a lightweight and powerful alternative to the system volume mixer written in Rust using the GTK toolkit.

Myxer Manage audio devices, streams and even card profiles. It also provides the option to view individual audio channels.

As a GTK tool, the software adapts to the selected app theme, so it fits seamlessly into your stock application.

How to get Myxer on Ubuntu:

So far, this app only provides a single executable file, along with a source tarball that you can download from the link below.

Download Myxer

Get the file and of the file[プロパティ]Just add execute permissions in the dialog.

Finally, run the command to launch the tool (in this case, the file will be saved in the user’s download folder).


If you like Myxer, you can move the file to your system’s bin folder and run the Myxer command from anywhere to launch it.

sudo mv ~/Downloads/Myxer /usr/local/bin/

(Optional) To remove it, simply run the following command:

sudo rm /usr/local/bin/Myxer

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