Nautilus will no longer launch binary files or desktop files

Gnome file manager Nautilus (or file) received Git Update Thus, the ability to launch binary files or programs is lost. This means that you will not be able to double-click binary files, scripts, or desktop files to run them-this includes an “ask” dialog that lets you choose whether the file should be launched or displayed.

A big consequence of this change is that you will no longer be able to launch AppImage files from Nautilus, although I think this change is not intended to target AppImage files (I may be wrong). Incidentally, this will also affect applications or games distributed with self-extracting scripts.
This is because AppImage files are not installed, and to run them, you must use a file manager (but this update has removed this feature from Nautilus), or created a desktop file in it ~/.local/share/applications/. I don’t think the latter is the solution because it is not intuitive at all and unnecessarily complicated.
Hope to implement another way to start AppImage file in Gnome.


Git committed to The first reason mentioned in the message is as follows:

Since the desktop is part of Nautilus, we have been supporting it for a long time. In addition, we did not have a software application at that time, you can install the application in it. At that time, it was very common to package and deliver applications, and there is no doubt now.

In short, the Gnome Files application no longer requires startup binaries and desktop files.
Another reason for deciding not to start binary files or desktop files from Nautilus is security. Again, the commit message explains this:

As we have seen in the past, we also don’t have enough security to deal with this issue, so we allow untrusted binaries to be launched, so we equipped Nautilus with CVE (CVE-2017-14604). We have not been audited (afaik), and we cannot let this problem slip away.

The complete commit message is Here.
Along with this feature, Nautilus also seems to lose the ability to edit desktop files (currently it can be edited from the desktop file context menu by selecting “Properties”). Still looks like this This one error report.Nautilus will no longer launch binary files or desktop files

Before making this change, Nautilus can choose to display executable files, run them directly, or ask what to do every time you double-click the executable file, and the default behavior is to display the file (using a text editor) (as shown in the image above) . Update: Nautilus’s ability to start the binary file or script to be restored may be implemented in different ways Reddit (U/doubleunplussed).