Netflix Games for iOS will reportedly release individual games through the App Store

Netflix has been working for some time to give subscribers access to video games. This dream came true in November 2021. Netflix Games was officially announced on November 2nd, 2021, but the bad news for would-be gamers with a Netflix Account was that it was only for Android. No iOS support available by default.

IOS support is reportedly in the works, however. It remains to be seen when the service for Apple’s mobile operating system will go live. Another question, of course, is how Netflix would allow access to these titles as Apple’s rules for streaming games are not entirely appropriate for most services in order to get the best experience possible. Maybe we have an answer.

According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, who writes for its “Power On” newsletter, Netflix plans to comply with Apple’s rules regarding access to streaming games. That means that while Netflix Games exists as a hub for access to titles on the go; the titles available there are also made available individually directly via the App Store.

It also means that like any other app or game, these titles will be reviewed when they are sent to Apple’s digital storefront. There will be an easy-to-identify rating for the title as well as an official landing page for the game.

According to the report:

Due to Apple’s ban on all-in-one services, the current individual app implementation on Android is the Netflix service gives us a preview of how that Netflix Offer will work on iOS.

Netflix has actively tested games on iOS and – according to code that was discovered by developer Steve Moser and shared with Power On -Netflix will publish all of its games individually in the Apple App Store and give users the option to download the games via the Netflix App. Not all of them can be downloaded and played in the app itself.

As it is Netflix Games work similarly on Android. Users can browse the content library but will then be directed to the Play Store to download and install the games.

The reality is that this parameter from Apple won’t work for Microsoft, Google, or Amazon (or any of the other options out there) because they have huge libraries of content. Netflix Games could one day have a pretty big game, but it only has a handful right now. Even if it builds up, that’s just a new game or two at a time. Xbox Game Pass, for example, already has more than 100 titles. And while it’s a rotating library, that amount won’t change much anytime soon.

Still, it’s good to see that for Netflix Subscribers who want to use Netflix Games can be used in the App Store. If it all works out, of course.

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