Netflix starts testing a new one TikTok-like lining filled with short clips for children

Netflix has started to run a new test TikTok-Like feature aimed at kids with a special new feed with short clips displayed horizontally.


  • Netflix is testing a new Kids Clips feature in its iPhone and iPad app
  • The new feed hosts for kids TikTok-like clips in vertical orientation
  • Children cannot watch more than 10 to 20 clips at a time

Netflix starts testing a new Kid Clips feed

The new feature appears as a special kids feed on the company’s iOS app in the US and other countries. The feed, titled Kids Clips, contains short videos that are similar in full screen and vertical orientation to. to get presented TikTok. The videos in the kids clips are from Netflix’s extensive content library, which is added daily.

iOS developer Steve Moser was the first to discover and claim evidence of this function in hidden code Netflix to officially confirm its existence Bloomberg Reporters Mark Gurman and Lucas Shaw. Read: How To Lock Your Netflix Profile with PIN

The effort that Netflix referred to as the Test, builds on an earlier feature called Fast Laughs that puts comedy clips in the spotlight. It started earlier this year. Netflix has also created rankings of the most popular titles, which is another way for users to find shows they might like. The kids’ feed is similar to Fast Laughs, but the videos are displayed horizontally instead of vertically and take up the entire screen. Children can only watch 10 to 20 clips at a time.

The new Kids Clips feed will appear Netflix for iPhone in the USA, Canada, Australia, Ireland and Spanish-speaking countries in Latin America in a few days.

Netflix regularly tests upcoming functions with some users. However, the Kids Clips test is not a guarantee that the feature will launch publicly. So keep that in mind.

In order to attract younger viewers to the platform, Kids Clips is a clever function that could help young users to discover programs on the platform that are suitable for their age. The streaming platform has recently taken other steps to appeal to the youth, such as introducing streaming mobile games as part of a user’s monthly subscription.

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