New TikTok Music Effects: Options and How to Use Them

TikTok continues to show that it is the social network with the best creative tools and yet they do not stop introducing new options. Now the popular platform adds music effects with which you can achieve even more striking results if you are an active user who is not only dedicated to consuming but also to creating. So we are going to show you how they are, so you can start thinking about how to take advantage of them.

New possibilities: creative effects for music

The most successful TikTok users know that the key to everything is originality and consistency. Even so, there is also a successful group that, despite copying or being inspired by the content made by other users, know that a good part of their numbers is in taking advantage of the creative tools offered by the platform.

And yes, one of the aspects for which TikTok has always stood out the most is its tools. When creating short videos, its editor offers a multitude of options, effects, music, etc., which allow you to obtain very striking results as soon as you experiment and understand well how each of its options works.

Well, now the company takes a step forward and not only offers new creative tools focused on the joint use of music . He also puts one more gear in that will make his main rivals have to run a lot more if they want to catch up creatively. Something that we already warned will be complicated, because it takes a long time even when you know how to do these things.

But in order not to entertain you much more, we show you what these new creative options are that arrive in the music section or will do so in the coming weeks. With them you can apply background effects, synchronize images with the hits of the music that is played, add text, etc.

In total there are six new creative effects and we already warn you that they will give a lot of play once you start experimenting with them.

Music Visualizer

@ area21

All they do is La La La .. ??

♬ La La La – AREA21

This is the first effect that TikTok has made available to each and every one of its users on the platform. Music Visualizer is an effect capable of following the rhythm of the music to animate a background image . You will only need to record yourself on a green background and then apply a chroma and replace it with the animated one.

In the video posted above by area21 you have a clear example of how it works. Although there are already many more videos on the net with this effect.

Music Machine

The second effect that TikTok incorporates to its platform is Music Machine and it will be liked a lot by lovers of synthesizer music. Through various buttons and controls that appear on the screen, this effect allows you to synthesize audio in real time from different drum rhythms among other sounds that it offers while recording.

It may not be easy to use at first, but surely with the passage of time users will get used to it and will achieve very striking videos while doing all kinds of activities, although it could give a lot of use to certain users more focused on viral content about music . We will see what happens.

Delayed Beats

This is the first in a series of effects that will synchronize different elements with the music that is playing. Music that can be any of the TikTok library, which is great because it does not limit you to a specific number and you can choose from the fashionable theme to a classic.

In operation of Delayed Beats it is as simple as taking different photographers of the video you have recorded to freeze them for a certain time and show them one by one. In this way, a very attractive slow motion effect is achieved.

Text Beats

Again Text Beats offers the possibility of synchronizing texts with the rhythm of the music . This time the most interesting thing is that the text is completely edited by the user. That is, you can write what you want and change some related parameters to achieve a much more striking composition and, again, always to the rhythm of the song that is playing.

Solid Beats

Finally, what Solid Beats does is create an animated background as if it were a kind of lava lamp depending on the music you listen to. The application will cut you out, so if you take care of the background so that it is smooth, the result will always be much better, and it will put you above those images.

Mirror Beats

Finally, Mirror Beats is like a game of transitions that simulate certain images that can be mirrored and that are again synchronized with the music. It is striking, although it is still the least surprising of all those that have been presented. Of course, everything will also depend on the content that you want to share using that effect.

Below you have a small video where each of these effects and how they work in TikTok compositions is shown.


Creative music effects are coming to TikTok! Which one are you most excited to try? ?

♬ original sound – TikTok Newsroom

Nothing new and yes multiple additional options

These TikTok effects, like many others that the platform has offered for a long time, are nothing really new. They could be easily done with video editors or other tools on desktops. The great attraction, however, is that it allows you to use them easily and comfortably from the phone’s own app.

And it is that not requiring to use a third-party application or take this same material to a desktop editing software, apply effects and re-upload to TikTok is more optimal.

How to use the new TikTok effects

If you are a regular user of the platform, you will have no problem starting to use these new effects. Still, if you are not sure how to do it. Here you should know:

  1. Open the TikTok app
  2. Tap on the icon to start recording a new video
  3. In the effects part , go in and find the one you want to use
  4. Now you just have to follow the steps or use the different settings that each of them offers
  5. Once you finish generating your content, continue publishing as you have done normally so far.

Ready, as you can see, it is as simple as using any other effect available on TikTok. Of course, now you will have to investigate and see the best way to take advantage of each of them.

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