nmcli – View network and Wifi details and control NetworkManager

nmcli is a free and open source command line tool for managing your system’s NetworkManager. You can use this tool to create, view, edit, delete, activate, and deactivate network connections and get reports on network details. It is pre-installed on Ubuntu. This article will show you the available wifi details, information, properties of the Wi-Fi interface, how to view NetworkManager permissions, log level and domain details, how to connect to a password protected wifi network This section explains.


Open a terminal and run this command to see the nmcli installation details.


This will display basic and DNS details about connections and network devices.

Show available Wifi networks:

You can do this with the following two commands.

nmcli device wifi list


nmcli dev wifi

This will show SSID, channel, rate, signal strength, signal bar and security details.

If the above two commands do not work, add sudo in front of them. like this.

sudo nmcli device wifi list
sudo nmcli dev wifi

Displays information and properties of the Wi-Fi interface.

nmcli -p -f general,wifi-properties device show wlp13s0

Can change wlp A number based on you. To find out more details, run the following command:


Then replace it wlp13s0 From the above command to details.

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Show NetworkManager permissions:

nmcli general permissions

Show NetworkManager logging status:

nmcli general logging

Connect to a Wi-Fi network.

You can easily connect to a wifi network using the following command. Replace “$SSID” with your Wi-Fi name and “$PASSWORD” with your Wi-Fi password.

nmcli device wifi connect "$SSID" password "$PASSWORD"

Check the status of network devices.

Use this command to display all available network devices and their current status.

nmcli dev status

Show connections:

nmcli con show

For the full nmcli man page, run the following command:

man nmcli

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