Nutty: GUI network monitoring and information tool for Ubuntu, Linux Mint and basic OS

nut It is a graphical network information and monitoring tool. The application can display network card information, network and data usage, test upload and download speeds, provide information about active ports, and more.
Although Nutty is made for a basic OS, it can also run on Ubuntu or Linux Mint (packages of openSUSE and Arch Linux also exist). The information it displays comes from various tools / packages, such as net-tools, nmap, traceroute, vnstat, nethogs, wireless tools, iproute2 and pciutils.
The application has some hard-coded commands for Ubuntu-based Linux distributions, so some of its features may not be available on other Linux distributions. However, there is jobs Externalize all commands from the code to make it easier to use with other Linux distributions.

Nut function:

  • My Information tab: Basic or detailed information about the network card, including interface hardware, MAC and IP addresses, NIC information, drivers used, network card functions, etc.
  • Usage tab: Used for historical records (total data of network data sent, received, and transmitted for this month, yesterday, and today) and network usage data for current usage, as well as current applications using selected connections and transmitted The data
  • “Speed” tab: Run download / upload speed check (using and get the routing time to the host (traceroute)
  • Ports tab: displays active ports and the applications that use them (ports, process ID, program name and path)
  • Device tab: Scan for other devices on the network and allow editing their names to make them more familiar
  • Background device monitoring: From Nutty preferences, you can enable device monitoring at a given interval. This allows Nutty to run and scan the device, displaying a desktop notification when a new device is found

More Nutty screenshots:Network usage UbuntuOpen port UbuntuNetwork equipment Ubuntu

I should also mention that on the application website you will find instructions on installing Nutty from Flathub. But this does not work because the Flatpak package is Removed Product from Flathub, because the application uses cron as its background device monitoring function, and this function is not applicable to Nutty running in Flatpak container.

Install Nutty

If you are using a basic operating system, application Center.
To install Nutty in Ubuntu 18.04 or Linux Mint 19. *, you need libgranite5 (Ubuntu 18.04 has libgranite4). It can be installed from the basic OS PPA (later pulled it as a dependency of Nutty), after installation we will delete it, unless of course you want to use it for other purposes:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:elementary-os/stable

Now you can use its PPA to install Nutty in Ubuntu 18.04 or Linux Mint 19. * and Ubuntu 19.04 (libgranite5 is not required in the basic OS PPA because it is already in the repository):

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:bablu-boy/nutty
sudo apt update
sudo apt install com.github.babluboy.nutty

Or download PPA’s DEB software package.
Those using Ubuntu 18.04 or Linux Mint 19. * who no longer need the basic OS PPA can now delete it:

sudo add-apt-repository -r ppa:elementary-os/stable

There are Nutty packages available for openSUSE with Arch Linux Similarly, although some of its features may not work on these Linux distributions, as I mentioned above.