NVIDIA 465.27 for Linux released with RTX A5000, A4000, A3000, A2000 support

The NVIDIA graphics driver for Linux released version 465.27 a day ago with support for new laptop GPUs and some bug fixes.

NVIDIA 465.27 supports the following new GPUs:

  • T600 laptop GPU
  • T1200 laptop GPU
  • RTX A5000 laptop GPU
  • RTX A4000 laptop GPU
  • RTX A3000 laptop GPU
  • RTX A2000 laptop GPU

This release also includes some fixes, including:

  • Fixed a bug that could prevent the system from being resumed when DisplayPort activity occurred while the system was paused.
  • Fixed a regression where eglQueryDevicesEXT couldn’t enumerate GPUs correctly on systems with multiple GPUs where access to GPU device files is restricted on some GPUs.
  • Fixed a regression that could cause the system to hang when changing the display resolution in an SLI mosaic configuration.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the display to be blank when driving multiple displays with the same resolution using the active DisplayPort dongle.

How to install NVIDIA 465.27 on Ubuntu:

Ubuntu now builds the latest NVIDIA drivers and pushes them through their own security and update repositories.

Wait a minute! It will be available in a few days. At that point, launch the Additional Drivers Utility to see the drivers that you can install.

If you can’t wait, go to the NVIDIA website and download the .run installer package (not recommended for beginners).

NVIDIA Linux 465.27 (64-bit)

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