OBS Studio 27 released, supports local Wayland and PipeWire, supports browser docking on Linux and macOS​​

OBS Studio 27 has been released, native support for Wayland, new PipeWire capture source, browser dock on macOS and Linux, etc.

OBS Studio is a free and open source Qt application for live streaming and screen recording. It runs on Linux, macOS and Windows.

The tool can be broadcast to any destination that supports RTMP, with presets for streaming on YouTube, Twitch, Instagram and Facebook. It provides almost everything you need, including multiple scenes and sources (such as live and recorder video, text, and audio), mixers, transitions, and more.

The software also supports a variety of Plug-in Expand its functions.

OBS Studio 27 Wayland PipeWire

With the latest OBS Studio 27.0, the application runs locally under Wayland, and it can capture windows and monitors in the Wayland desktop environment. For capture, it uses the new PipeWire capture source and XDG portal.

If you are not familiar Tube wire , This is a server for processing audio and video streams, as well as hardware on Linux. It has been used by default in some Linux distributions, such as Ubuntu 21.04 and Fedora 34.

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The latest version of OBS Studio also comes with service integration and support for browser Dock on macOS and Linux, which is a Windows-only feature so far.

According to the release notes, “this means linking Twitch and Restream accounts, including the built-in chat inside OBS Studio itself.” With this change, the web browser functionality in OBS Studio is the same on all platforms.

You can find the browser docking function under the OBS Studio menu View - > Docks -> Custom Browser Docks .

Other important changes in OBS Studio 27.0 include:

  • The display can now be captured on different GPUs, which is useful for laptops with integrated and discrete GPUs
  • Undo/redo support.Any modification of scenes, sources, groups, filters, stingers and scripts supports undo/redo, and supports up to 5000 actions
  • Added missing file warning when loading scene collection
  • Added source visibility conversion, allowing you to set a conversion for the source when it is shown or hidden
  • Added Track Matte mode for Stinger transition, this mode supports scene mask to show parts of the previous and current scene at the same time
  • Added support for SRGB texture format, applying color operations in linear space
  • Windows only: Built-in noise suppression filter now supports Nvidia noise removal

Download OBS Studio

OBS Studio is available for Linux, macOS and Windows. On Linux , Which officially provides builds for Ubuntu and Ubuntu-based Linux distributions Power purchase agreement , There is also a Flatpak package available Flat hub .

OBS Studio is also available in the official repositories of many Linux distributions, including Arch Linux / Manjaro, Fedora, Debian / Ubuntu, etc. However, it will take some time for these packages to be updated to the latest OBS Studio 27.0.

According to the release announcement , Flathub package is built with Wayland support, and PPA only supports Wayland from Ubuntu 21.04 and newer versions.But in my test, the PPA version installed on Ubuntu 21.04 did not display the “Screenshot (PipeWire)” option until I used QT_QPA_PLATFORM=wayland However, Wayland capture options are available in the Flathub version.

However, in both cases, I cannot use OBS Studio 27 running under Wayland on Ubuntu 21.04 to record my screen-in my case, the screen capture or window capture source is black, I have not Determine why (the screenshot at the top of the article is taken from X11).

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