Oh my!Is an open source game for learning Git

Oh my! Turn the Git version control system into an interesting interactive game for beginners and advanced users who are interested in learning or teaching others. The game is free and open source, it is built using Godot game engine, and is available for Linux, macOS and Windows.

Today, Git is everywhere-but its learning curve is quite steep! To help people learn how to use it efficiently and intuitively, we are developing an interactive open source learning game! -Game developers Open source software

According to the developer, “A real Git is integrated in the game, so players can try and learn all the features of Git.” In addition, the game focuses on the interaction with the remote control, so it is also useful if you want to learn how to use Git for team collaboration.

Regarding the game’s story, “You are the time agent in training and you know all the information about how to use the time machine to help people solve problems”

Oh my! It has been under development since September 2020, and the latest major version will be released in February 2021.

This Is the game trailer (taken from ohmygit.org And upload to PeerTube to avoid hot linking to the video):

User interface and gameplay

Oh my git game
Oh my! “Working together” level in the introduction (6)

When you run the game for the first time, you will notice several elements on the screen, including a terminal where you can type commands and a file manager-like pane where you can open files for editing.

There is also a short story, which contains instructions for the next step. In “Oh, My Git! In “, players are guided step by step to complete each Git function, and a story is told at each level, where players can use their newly acquired Git skills to solve problems.

Oh my!Game screenshots
Oh my! “Move a branch” from the branch level (6)

Starting at level 3, you will also get custom playing cards, including newly introduced Git commands. These cards also include a short description of the commands they represent. You can choose to drag and drop cards to execute commands, or you can type them in the terminal. Although it’s fun, in order to learn something, I suggest you don’t just drag the card to execute the command, but type the command.

The internal structure of the Git repository displayed in real time is also intuitively explained, and users can immediately view the results of their operations.

It is worth noting that, oh my Git! The arrows between commits in the visual explanation of the internal structure of the Git repository do not represent pointers used internally by Git. Instead, the arrow indicates the direction of time. It was chosen because “because we found it less confusing for Git beginners”.

Oh my!grade

You don’t have to play from the beginning. When you start the game, a “level” button will appear, from which you can select the level you want to play. These levels are divided into categories, such as introduction, branch, hidden, etc. Here, you can also choose to replay a level.

It is also important to pay attention, oh my goodness! There are now 44 levels, and you can also create your own!You can visit the game’s website to find instructions on how to operate and the format of the level GitHub repository page.

Download Oh My Git!

Be sure to read the comments in Oh My Git! Game download page. For example, the game currently executes commands quite slowly on Windows, while on macOS, you may be warned that the application was made by an “unidentified developer.”The source is available at GitHub.

If you want to help its development, please go to Oh my! Home page and scroll to the “Support Development” section.


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