Open Source

Open source applications may be viable alternatives to popular closed-source applications and some open source tools offers features or performance benefits that surpass their commercial counterparts.

Missing Photoshop on Linux? Use PhotoGIMP and convert GIMP to Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop Not applicable to desktop Linux. GIMP is the best alternative to Adobe Photoshop on Linux. If you have used Photoshop for a while, you will notice GIMP It has different settings, different keyboard shortcuts and layouts than Photoshop. There is absolutely nothing wrong. After all, both are two different kinds of software, and… read more »

Beaker Browser 1.0 Beta: one step forward, two steps back

I recently checked the Beaker browser. About a week after the review was published, the developer Beaker 1.0 Beta released. This changed almost everything I observed in the last article. This led me to write the entire article on the new Beaker browser. This is where it changes! No longer use Dat, Beaker now uses… read more »

FreeFileSync: open source file synchronization tool

Introduction: FreeFileSync is an open source folder comparison and synchronization tool that you can use to back up data to external disks, cloud services (such as Google Drive) or any other storage path. FreeFileSync: a free open source tool to synchronize files FreeFileSync Is an impressive open source tool that can help you back up… read more »

LanguageTool review: free and open source grammar checker

The highlight of this week’s open source software is Language tools. It is a proofreading software that can check the grammar, style and spelling of more than 20 languages. I have been using it for the past few days and I am confident enough to review it and share my experience. In the past, I… read more »