Open Source

Open source applications may be viable alternatives to popular closed-source applications and some open source tools offers features or performance benefits that surpass their commercial counterparts.

Zim: A Wiki-like note-taking application that makes things easier

Introduction: Zim is an impressive note-taking application for users who want to collect their notes, tasks or ideas in Wiki style. Here, let’s take a look at what it offers. Zim: Desktop Wiki Zim Undoubtedly one of the best note-taking applications on Linux, but it is not just another ordinary note-taking application that lets you… read more »

Glances-a versatile system monitoring tool for Linux systems

The most commonly used command-line tool for process monitoring on Linux is top, its colorful and feature-rich cousin stop . To monitor the temperature on Linux, you can use lm sensor. Similarly, there are many utilities that can monitor other real-time metrics, such as disk I/O, network statistics, etc. Glance It is a system monitoring… read more »

Photoflare: an open source image editor for simple editing needs

Introduction: Photoflare is an image editor available for Linux and Windows. The editor has a free and open source community version. GIMP is the first choice for image editing on Linux. However, if you don’t need advanced editing features, GIMP can be overwhelming. This is where apps like Photoflare step in. PhotoFlare: Simple image editor… read more »