Open Source

Open source applications may be viable alternatives to popular closed-source applications and some open source tools offers features or performance benefits that surpass their commercial counterparts.

The best open source LMS for creating online courses and e-learning websites

A learning management system (LMS) can help you automate and document learning procedures. It is suitable for small educational programs and university-level study programs. Of course, you can even use the learning management system to host corporate training programs. Although there are many use cases, providing a transparent platform for your learning management system should… read more »

An open source application to control all your RGB lighting settings

briefly: OpenRGB is a useful open source utility that can manage all RGB lighting under one roof. Let us understand it further. Regardless of the keyboard, mouse, CPU fan, AIO and other connected peripherals or components, Linux does not have official software support for controlling RGB lighting. Moreover, OpenRGB seems to be an all-in-one RGB… read more »

Meet Enve: Open source 2D animation software

Enve is a cross-platform application that allows you to create vector animations and raster animations. You can even use audio and video files to create animations. ve It is open source software using GPL 3 license. It is suitable for Linux, macOS and Windows. Enve is used to create 2D animations in Linux There are… read more »

Blanket: The ambient noise app has multiple sounds to keep you focused

Introduction: An open source environmental noise player that provides various sounds to help you concentrate or fall asleep.As the amount of surrounding activities increases, it is often difficult to stay calm and stay focused. Sometimes concerts are helpful, but in some cases it can also be distracting. But what about the surrounding noise? It is… read more »