Open Source

Open source applications may be viable alternatives to popular closed-source applications and some open source tools offers features or performance benefits that surpass their commercial counterparts.

Compare files and folders graphically in Linux

How do you compare two similar files to check the differences?The obvious answer is Use the diff command in Linux. The problem is that not everyone is willing to compare files in the Linux terminal. The output of the diff command may confuse some people. Take the output of this diff command as an example:… read more »

LazPaint: A free and open source alternative to Paint.NET

Introduction: LazPaint is an alternative to open source Paint.NET with cross-platform support. This is a lightweight program with many basic options to edit images quickly. This is an overview of LazPaint. LazPaint: an open source Paint.NET alternative to Linux If you like to use tools to quickly edit and process images and screenshots, you may… read more »

GnuCash: a powerful open source accounting software

Introduction: GnuCash is a popular free open source accounting software that can be used to manage personal finances and business transactions. Considering the complexity of managing personal finances and business transactions, you will find many online services or software tools designed to simplify things. Some tools simply allow you to increase your expenses and income… read more »

KeenWrite: an open source text editor for data scientists and mathematicians

Introduction: An interesting text editor that supports R markdown. Using the code in R, you can add string interpolation, graphics, and other mathematical expressions to text documents. KeenWrite: a useful open source Markdown editor with R code support Image source: KeenWrite There are several open source Markdown editors for Linux, but KeenWrite is good for… read more »

Drawing is an Open Source MS-Paint Type of App for Linux Desktop

Brief: Drawing is a basic image editor like Microsoft Paint. With this open source application, you can draw arrows, lines, geometrical shapes, add colors and other stuff you expect to do in a regular drawing application. Drawing: A simple drawing application for Linux For people introduced to computers with Windows XP (or earlier version), MS… read more »