Open Source

Open source applications may be viable alternatives to popular closed-source applications and some open source tools offers features or performance benefits that surpass their commercial counterparts.

Use Sigil to create and edit EPUB files on Linux

Sigil is an open source EPUB editor available for Linux, Windows and macOS. With Sigil, you can create new e-books in EPUB file format, or edit existing EPUB e-books (file extension .epub extension). If you want to know, EPUB is a standard e-book file format that has been approved by several digital publishing groups. Except… read more »

NewsFlash: A modern open source feed reader with Feedly support

Some people may choose to believe that the RSS reader is dead, but they will stay. Especially when you don’t want the Big tech algorithm to decide what should be read. With the feed reader, you can choose your own reading source. I recently came across NewsFlash, a great RSS reader. It also supports web-based… read more »

Meet the fashion: a stylish to-do list app

There are many to-do list applications for Linux. One more is added to the list in the form of Sleek. Stylish to-do list app Except for the appearance, there is nothing extraordinary about the smooth. It provides an electronic-based GUI for todo.txt. For those who don’t know, electronic Is a framework that allows you to… read more »

Kooha is a new screen recorder for GNOME that supports Wayland

There is no decent screen recording software for Linux, it supports Wayland display server. If you use Wayland, GNOME’s built-in screen recorder may be a rare (and only) recorder. But this screen recorder has no visible interface and does not have the functions you would expect to use in standard screen recording software. Fortunately, there… read more »

Use gImageReader on Linux to extract text from images and PDFs

Introduction: gImageReader is a GUI tool that can use the tesseract OCR engine to extract text from images and PDF files in Linux. gImageReader Is the front end Tesseract open source OCR engine. Tesseract was originally developed by HP and then open sourced in 2006. Basically, the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) engine allows you to… read more »

Meet SysMonTask: Windows Task Manager for Linux

Thanks to the desktop environment, almost all Linux distributions come with a task manager application. In addition, there are other system monitoring applications for Linux that have additional functions. But recently, I came across a task manager created for Linux that looks like…waiting…Windows task manager. You look at it and decide for yourself. Personally, I… read more »