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How to rename an instance / server in OpenStack

How to rename a VM, instance or server in OpenStack? After you create an instance in OpenStack, you can modify its name in the running state. True if the service running in the VM was changed and the name needs to be updated to reflect the name. The instance / VM name in OpenStack can… read more »

Openstack Liberty Lab Part 5: Configuring Nova Computing Services

This is Part 5 of our Openstack Lab guide series. So far we have introduced: Openstack Liberty Lab Part 1: Setting Up the Network and All Prerequisites Openstack Liberty Lab Part 2: Install Openstack Packages Openstack Liberty Lab Part 3: Configuring Keystone Identity Services Openstack Liberty Lab Part 4: Configuring Glance Image Service For nova… read more »

How to clone and use KVM virtual machines in Linux

The most important and commonly used functions in the virtualization world are functions such as cloning a virtual machine, taking a snapshot of the current state of the virtual machine, and migrating the virtual machine in real time. Recently I have been using KVM and Openstack Cloud computing platforms. Sometimes you have to clone a… read more »

How to create and configure a bridge network for KVM in Linux

In today’s guide we will look at how to create and configure a bridge network for KVM in Linux-RHEL / CentOS / Ubuntu / Debian / Arch Linuxe.t.c. When using Linux bridges in KVM, virtual machines can access external networks and services outside the virtual environment. There are multiple ways to configure bridged networks for… read more »

Installing a Three-Node OpenStack Queens Cluster-Part 6

Configure Neutron on the controller node Neutron is an OpenStack project designed to provide “network connection as a service” between interface devices (such as vNICs) managed by other OpenStack services (such as nova). It implements the Neutron API. Here are the reasons why we use Neutron: It provides an API for cloud tenants to build… read more »

Installing a Three-Node OpenStack Queens Cluster-Part 8

Configure Neutron on the compute nodes Neutron usually requires plug-in software, such as OpenVswitch. So far, on the Compute node, we have installed Libvirt and Nova Compute. We will add Openvswitch and L2 Agent. “Make sure there are no believers and unbelievers in the religion of love. Love embraces everyone.” ―Rumi step 1: Installing Neutron… read more »

Installing a Three-Node OpenStack Queens Cluster-Part 10

Create and launch Horizon’s virtual machine instance ad install step 1: Sign in with the new user we created earlier in the system and continue to create the instance [[email protected] ~(keystone)]# su – tech ##use your username [[email protected] ~]$ [[email protected] ~]$ vim ~/keystonerc export OS_PROJECT_DOMAIN_NAME=default export OS_USER_DOMAIN_NAME=default export OS_PROJECT_NAME=helloworld #remember the project we had created… read more »

OpenStack deployment on CentOS 7 with Packstack

How to use Packstack to deploy a private OpenStack Cloud on CentOS? OpenStack is a popular free and open source software platform for building public and private clouds. You can use the Packstack installation utility to run an all-in-one OpenStack cloud on CentOS 7 in minutes. After deployment, you have the option to add more… read more »