Orchis is a cool GTK/GNOME theme with round elements

I recently stumbled upon orchid, This is an interesting GNOME/GTK theme, if you don’t know it, I want to share it with you.

This is a material design GNOME/GTK theme, originally based on materials. It uses circular elements such as labels, buttons, input boxes, etc., as well as rounded corners of application windows and GNOME Shell panels.

This theme is not a new theme, but it has only recently added support for the color accent version. Therefore, Ochris now offers 8 different color versions (blue, purple, pink, red, orange, yellow, green, and gray by default), and each version has regular, light, dark and compact versions.

Orchis uses GTK 3.20 and later to support GNOME (Shell), Xfce and Budgie desktops. The theme pack also includes Firefox and Plank docking themes and wallpapers.If you use KDE Plasma, there is another Orchis KDE theme pack.

You can combine GTK themes with Terra icon, Which contains folders of 13 colors, or new Fluent icon theme, Its folder icon supports 8 colors.Both were created by the same person Vince (Vinceliuice), he also designed Orchis.

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Also some screenshots of Orchis GTK/GNOME themes:

Orchis GTK GNOME theme
Orchis light and compact orange GTK and GNOME Shell theme and Fluent (orange) icon
Orchis GTK GNOME theme
Orchis dark red GTK and GNOME Shell theme and Fluent (red) icon

Orchis GTK GNOME theme
Fluent light purple GTK and GNOME Shell themes and Tela (purple) icon
Orchis GTK GNOME theme
Orchid dark green widget
Orchis GTK GNOME theme
Orchid’s lightweight green widget
Orchis GTK GNOME theme
Orchis (default) widget

In these screenshots, except that there is only one Plank theme available in Orchis, and the theme is using the running blue application indicator, I did not use the Plank dock in these screenshots (the main screenshot at the top of this article) except).

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Install Orchis theme

This theme can be used for ling, But installing from there will not be able to access all theme variants.So I suggest from GitHub repository.For Arch Linux and Manjaro, there is a AUR package you can use it.

For users who installed from GitHub, please Claim, Use install.sh Script to install the Orchis theme, with options that allow you to specify color variants and whether you like the standard, light or dark version (or all)

You can use this GTK theme with Terra (Applies to AUR) Or fluent (Can also be used for AUR Now) icon theme.

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