Output with Flash, input with HTML5

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For many years, players who like to play casino games on mobile devices have used Flash-based games and online casinos. The death of Flash is inevitable, and for many years, this technique has been used to show gamblers the most acclaimed games for real money. Since many modern browsers in use now no longer support Flash, some changes have taken place in the gaming industry.

Since 2017, Adobe has been stating that Flash will be phased out soon, and it will eventually happen in December 2020. The company no longer updates or distributes Flash Player and encourages online sites to use new technologies that do not require any third-party plug-ins.

Although Flash technology has been successful in providing casino games to millions of people around the world, there are some high security risks. Before 2017, many game developers began to use HTML5 and other web-based technologies to replace Flash.Today, only a few online sites still use Flash, and only a few of them Casino places.

Welcome to HTML5

With the discontinuation of Flash, online operators and game developers have turned their attention to HTML5 technology. This open source technology is built into the browser to provide high-quality playback and quick access to website and game titles. It is also fully compatible with mobile devices, so the player no longer needs to compete with software downloads or specific applications.

Although many people worry that online gaming will cease once Flash is no longer available, these players soon discovered that playing games on HTML5 casino sites has many benefits. Games developed using this latest technology have faster speeds, better security and compatibility, so everyone can enjoy excellent games.

Today, when you visit an online or mobile casino, you will find that HTML5 is being used, allowing operators to easily provide games to all users, including those using Android or iOS devices. With Flash becoming obsolete, online casinos are forced to find a new way to deliver real money games to loyal players. Top operators have upgraded game content and added HTML5 titles, and almost every online casino operation is taking measures to ensure that players can still quickly and safely access all games and services.

Flash and HTML5

If you have ever played games in online casinos or engaged in mobile gambling activities, then you will have heard of Flash. This is a kind of proprietary software that has been used for many years, using software provided by Adobe to create a site. The software is expensive for developers and usually requires the use of specific tools that are only available from Adobe. Although the software is always being updated, it still causes some operational problems for users of older operating systems.

When HTML5 appeared, many developers and operators immediately began to switch to the technology and gradually use Flash. One of the drawbacks of Flash casinos is that Apple users cannot use them. Now, with HTML5, these players can access all casino services and games.

HTML5 can do everything Flash does and more. It never requires any plug-ins and can be used with any browser. It is also an open source system that allows all companies to design new tools that can be used by other developers.

This new technology is also much safer than the previously used Flash software. Although it is not perfect, better security measures can be taken, and it is much more stable than Flash.

What this means for online gamblers

The transition from Flash to HTML5 sounds like it is changing the industry, but when it comes to this, players won’t notice many differences. Although some Flash-based games may no longer be available, they have been replaced by more feature-rich HTML5 games with skill expenditures, excellent graphics, and first-rate entertainment.

People who use mobile devices feel the biggest difference. Casinos using HTML5 technology No matter which web browser you use, everyone can use it. There is no need for dedicated apps or software downloads anymore, which is a great advantage for any mobile gambler. With high-speed access, secure games and novel and interesting games, through the introduction of HTML5, mobile gambling is better than ever.

Playtech was one of the first developers to start using HTML5 when developing games, and today, this is the only technology used. In addition to Playtech, you will also find that major software companies in the industry have made this switch, including Microgaming, NetEnt, IGT, etc., so you will continue to use excellent games and new release devices on PC and mobile devices.

You can download this article in PDF format via the link below to support us.Download the guide in PDF formatClose