PDF Mix Tool 1.0 released, interface major changes, PDF metadata editing and Qt6 support

PDF Blending Tool , A Qt application for processing PDF files, has reached a stable version 1.0 (closely followed by version 1.0.1). The new version includes a comprehensively improved user interface, support for editing PDF metadata, Qt6 support, and more.

PDF Mix Tool is a graphical tool used to perform some common PDF editing operations. It can extract, delete and rotate PDF document pages, merge multiple PDF files into one document, add blank pages, change the page layout of PDF (size, direction, specified number of rows and columns, margins, etc.), add booklets , And more. Behind the scenes, it uses QPDF to process PDF files.

In the latest version 1.0, the application user interface has been completely reworked to make it more intuitive. There are no longer single and multiple file tabs, the sidebar now includes all available PDF operations, and each operation has an icon to easily find the option you are looking for.

PDF Mix Tool document metadata

Another change in this version is the ability to edit PDF document metadata (screenshot above). You can now change the PDF title, author, subject, keywords, creator, producer, creation and modification date.

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In addition, in this version, the PDF Mix Tool now tries to preserve as many links, annotations and outlines as possible, no matter what actions you use.

Other changes in PDF Mix Tool 1.0 include Qt6 support, right-to-left support in page composition, and bug fixes.

The PDF Mix Tool is very similar to the PDF organizer, the main difference is that the PDF organizer uses GTK and displays its preview when you modify the PDF.In addition, the PDF organizer utilizes Parker pdf Used to modify PDF files, and the PDF Mix Tool uses QPDF , Which means the results may be different. Therefore, please try these two methods and use the one you are most satisfied with.

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Download PDF Blending Tool

PDF Mix Tool can be downloaded from the following website Flat hub or Snapshot store Or you can Build it From the source.

The application is also available in Arch Linux and Manjaro communities Repository , But it has not been updated to the latest version 1.0.1 when I write this article. If you don’t want to wait until it is updated, you can install the latest git AUR .

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