Pidgin/Libpurple SkypeWeb plugin sees new stable version

SkypeWeb It is a plugin that allows to use Skype in Pidgin/libpurple chat client. The plugin can be used to send instant messages and participate in group chats, but not yet stand by Voice/video call. The new SkypeWeb plug-in version 1.5 was released today, which provides alternative authentication support for users who cannot log in using the default login method.

If you cannot log in or use 2FA, go to Accounts > Manage Accounts , Choose your Skype (HTTP) Account, click Modify And in Advanced Label, enable Use alternative login method Options:

But before that, please make sure to try to log in to the web browser first. This is a common problem with the Pidgin SkypeWeb plugin, just log in to SkypeWeb in a web browser to fix it, so keep this in mind. Other changes to the Pidgin Skypeweb plugin:

  • Added support for suggested contact search
  • Display the number of users in the “Tools” -> “Room List” window
  • Fix “reject” friend request
  • Fix memory leak
  • Fixed some rare crashes

See This one A page about how to use Skype group chat in the SkypeWeb plugin of Pidgin/libpurple.

Download/How to install Pidgin SkypeWeb plugin

Make sure to download the correct file for your operating system and architecture.
For Windows, you only need to download pidgin-skypeweb-installer.exe This will set everything up, but you can also download libskypeweb.dll File, you need to place it in APPDATA%.purpleplugins Folder and restart Pidgin.
On Linux, download Or It depends on your architecture. To install it, create ~/.purple/plugins Folder and copy the .so file in it:

                        mkdir -p ~/.purple/plugins
cp libskypeweb*.so ~/.purple/plugins/

Suppose you run the command in the folder you are downloading Or .
When finished, restart Pidgin (in case it is already running).
You can now add your Skype account in Pidgin. To do this, go to Accounts > Manage Accounts , Click Add , Enter your Skype username and password, and select Skype (HTTP) Down Protocol -Make sure to choose this name and not other protocol names (not to be confused with the old Skype Pidgin plugin).


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