Poll: Are You Still Excited About the Launch of AirTags?

Apple’s Tile-like tracking tags AirTags first leaked well over a year from now. However, due to multiple delays, they are yet to launch. It is possible that Apple could finally launch the AirTags in early spring.

In a world ravished by the COVID-19 pandemic where people are barely traveling, AirTags or any tracking tags serve very little purpose. Reportedly, this was also the reason why Apple delayed the launch of the AirTags.

Going by the leaks so far, AirTags are definitely going to impress one with how Apple will use AR to find items tagged using them. AirTags should also be better than other tracking tags in the market since they will be able to talk to other AirTags and devices on the Find My network to ping their location to Apple servers. In a pre-COVID world, the AirTags would have been a sure shot hit for Apple. But in a world where traveling is still limited, AirTags, despite their usefulness, will likely find limited takers.

Rumors suggest Apple could launch the AirTags in late March or early April. However, I feel a launch towards the end of 2021 for the AirTags will make more sense as the traveling restrictions in most parts of the world should be removed by then as more and more people get vaccinated. Otherwise, with most people working from home and barely going anywhere, there are slim chances of them actually losing or misplacing stuff for which they would end up buying a tracking tag.

What do you think about the AirTags? Will you buy it if Apple launches them right now? If so, what’s your use case for them? Drop a comment and let us know! Also, make sure to take part in our poll below to let us know what you think about the AirTags launch.

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