Pop Shell gets improved mouse-based window tiling

Pop shell, Recently in Pop! The GNOME Shell extension for window collage used in _OS 20.04 and later has recently been updated to improve support for mouse-based window collage.

After enabling the automatic tiling function, you can now see where you drag the window with the mouse. You can even use the mouse to create a window stack immediately.

You can preview this feature in a tweet from System76 (credits for the image at the top of this page also apply to System76):

Although it can now be easily used with a mouse, Pop Shell still provides powerful keyboard shortcuts, which you can see below (screenshots are made by building Shell shortcut As of today; subject to change):

Pop Shell keyboard shortcuts

Now Pop! _OS 20.04 and 20.10 users have provided a submission with enhanced support for mouse-based tiling, because the release has been released to Pop! _OS. PPA yesterday.

Since the last stable version of Pop Shell (1.2.0), this sliced ​​GNOME Shell extension has undergone many other improvements, such as the ability to control Pop Shell functions from the launcher (Super + /; (For example, switch window title, switch stack, etc.), suspend the script of the system from the launcher, and support the small keyboard keys in the default key binding and some fixes.

You may also want to read about Pop Shell’s window stacking feature.

Pop Shell is only in Pop! _OS is available by default, however, it can be used in any Linux distribution with GNOME Shell 3.36 or 3.38. You can find instructions for installing it on Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, etc., and more information about Pop Shell on Linux Uprising. Please note that to get the latest features, you need to install the latest Pop Shell from git.


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