Pop Shell gets new window stacking function

Pop shell, The window tile GNOME Shell extension used by default popular! 20.04, recently gained support for window stacking.

“This makes it easy to organize tiled windows in the same workspace without sacrificing window size”, System76 tweets This feature was announced, and it landed in Pop last Friday! _OS 20.04.

To stack tiled windows, use Super + s Convert a regular tiled window to a stack, and then use Super + Enter And arrow keys or vim shortcuts can add windows to the stack or delete them.When focusing on the stack, use Super + / Starting a new application will automatically add the application’s window to the stack.

You can use the mouse to click the window title in the stack or use the mouse to switch between windows in the same stack Super + ← / →.

Move the window out of the stack by pressing Super + Enter, And then use the arrow keys to move it out of the stack.then press Super + s Convert the stack to a regular window.

You can see the new tiled window stacking function in Pop Shell here video Created by extension developers:

By default, Pop Shell may only be in Pop! _OS is available, but since it is free and open source software, you can use GNOME Shell 3.36 or 3.38 to install it on any Linux distribution. The extension page mentions that it only works with GNOME 3.36, however, I have used it with GNOME 3.38 for a few hours and it works very well, so far without any problems. In fact, if you want to install it on other Linux distributions, I wrote an article on how to install it on Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, Arch or Manjaro (you can update it here).