Problems Using FM Radio on Mobile: How to Fix Them

Among all the possibilities that mobile phones offer us, there is that of listening to the FM radio, a means that allows us to follow the minute by minute of the news, sports or have fun with the infinity of programs that are on the different radio stations. Although, however, problems to use the FM radio on the mobile are also common, which puts us in a difficult situation.

Finding the key that allows us to enjoy the radio again on our mobile phone will not be easy but not impossible and that is why we are going to give you all the keys you need to know with the intention of fixing it. You will only have to follow the steps that we explain to you for your specific problem and we still recommend you take a look at the rest of the problems, because their solutions could be the one that your mobile needs.

Why don’t I have a radio on my mobile

The question that many ask themselves when trying to find the FM radio among the applications or the settings and that brings many of their heads. The truth is that there are fewer and fewer mobile phones that integrate the FM radio chip that allows you to enjoy radio in the most traditional way on mobile phones, since it occupies an important space that has been allocated to other elements such as the battery. Therefore, it is impossible to use the classic method to enjoy radio on mobile.

The solution to have radio on any mobile

For this reason we do not have to give everything up for lost, since we can choose the web browser to tune in online to our favorite station or help us from the many radio applications that exist. These consume megabytes of our rate, although it is not something worrying and can be compared to playing music on streaming platforms.

I can’t hear the radio

In case you have found the radio app on your mobile, it means that you will be able to enjoy it, although you may have tried to put it into operation and you cannot hear anything, nor would you like the classic blue noise when you cannot get a station. This is because it is essential to use headphones to act as an antenna and then yes, it allows us to do a search for stations to find the frequency we are looking for.

I can’t find stations

Even if you have connected headphones to the mobile, it is possible that we concentrate with difficulties to find the stations on the mobile. The reason for this is that the mobile phone requires some requirements to be able to tune the frequencies, for example we find it in a place away from interference such as a television, WiFi router or other types of electronic devices. The easiest place to find the fertile ones will be the street, since some walls of the houses and buildings can also make it very difficult for us.

The sound of the radio is very bad

In the event that we are meeting the stations but nevertheless the sound is not clear, the first thing we must assess is the place where we are. As we mentioned before, in the classroom is where the sound quality of the radio will be superior.

Despite this, these problems may be due to components of the mobile itself. Among them, having Bluetooth, NFC, mobile data or WiFi activated, can prove that the sound on some smartphones is not ideal. Just by turning them off, we can check what is causing the mobile radio not to be heard well as it should.

The stations stop alone

Another problem that appears in mobile phones that have a radio occurs when using it, because in several situations users have found that without prior notice the mobile radio turns off without us having any other option than to turn it on again. This problem with the radio can cause us confusion and the truth is that we only have to think about several things that may have caused it and they will fix it:

  • Disable battery saver.
  • Radio app problem. Something that is solved by entering Settings> Applications> Radio> Clear cache and data.
  • Energy limits. In some mobiles, in Settings> Battery> Management of energy consumption in the background, we find forced closures due to the use of the radio in the background, where we only have to deactivate them.

Radio stops when using other apps

One of the most confusing problems is when using other apps while listening to the radio. Google especially has a problem with its apps and this mechanism, since it uses the microphone to access the assistant and other smart tools. By default the mobile cannot use the radio or other means of sound reproduction while the microphone works and this is what causes it.

All we have to do in this case is to access Settings> Applications> enter Google or the app that causes this pause and access the permissions, to once inside prevent you from using the microphone.

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