Problems with the Smart Keyboard on iPad: Troubleshooting

Any iPad to get the most out of it has to be accompanied by a keyboard. One of the best official options is the Smart Keyboard that connects through the Smart Connector. In this way, different jobs can be carried out at any time and in any place. Although this accessory is not perfect and it may suffer some problems during its useful life. In this article we show you the most common failures as well as the solutions that can occur.

Most common errors in the Smart Keyboard

Frequent disconnections of the Smart Keyboard

While the keyboard connected to the iPad is being used, it can be quickly disconnected for no reason. This causes you to stop typing until it reconnects. This can be due to several factors such as the dirt that exists in the connector both on the keyboard and on the iPad itself. That is why you should always keep it as clean as possible since the bad connection between the pins can end up causing the power not to be supplied correctly.

And about energy you also have to make a note. The keyboard needs to receive enough power to function than the iPad itself. On some occasions, due to bugs in the operating system, this may not happen, especially when the load level is low or it is in low consumption. That is why you always have to keep your iPad charged whenever you are in this situation. But this does not mean that it is a hardware problem in the Smart Connector itself that causes the connected pins not to work correctly.

IPad doesn’t detect keyboard

When making the connection between the keyboard and the iPad, the latter may not end up recognizing the accessory itself. This causes a message to appear on the screen itself informing you that the accessory you are trying to connect may not be compatible. This can also happen while you are typing normally when it previously worked correctly. This is solved by disconnecting it and reconnecting it.

If the problem appears from the beginning of its use, you should first check that you are using a keyboard that is fully compatible with your device. This is vital and can be verified in the box in which the accessory arrived. Although, with the size you can easily know if it is compatible or not.

Some keys on the Smart Keyboard do not work

All keyboards, whether mechanical or membrane, as in this case, have a probability of failing their keys individually. As the internal mechanism is used, you may end up having problems. The only drawback in this case is that as it is not mechanical, the keys cannot be removed in order to repair the mechanism underneath. This means that your life has come to an end and you cannot do anything in the event that it is a hardware problem. But it can always be the case that there is a bug in the operating system that ends up causing this failure.

This can be easily verified by connecting the keyboard to another iPad to see if this same fault continues to appear. In the event that this does not happen, what you should do is do a restoration of the operating system in order to eliminate it or wait for a future update.

The Smart Magnetic Connector does not work

It may be the case that the magnetic coupling that keeps the iPad in its correct position when making the connection with the keyboard does not work correctly. This means that the magnetic connection does not end up joining so that the energy transfer works correctly. Over time, the magnetism can deteriorate and you will not be able to use the keyboard in a comfortable way in the long run since it can be disconnected randomly or simply not be held correctly. This is a failure that does not have a simple solution that can be done at home because it is something physical.

Contact Apple

In most of these situations, it is best to contact Apple itself in order to have clear information about everything that is happening with the accessory. The sure thing is that a physical assessment can be carried out in an Apple Store or in authorized stores to be able to manage the repair. As it is a repair that cannot be done from home, it is always best to resort to these types of establishments so that they can guide you in the best possible way.

Replacement covered by warranty?

Everyone is wondering at the moment if the repair can be covered by the warranty. In this way you can save all the costs that a hypothetical repair would have or even have to buy a new unit of this keyboard. Like all Apple products, accessories have a two-year warranty in which all factory defects are covered. That is to say, all those that have been derived by an interaction of the keyboard with water or with a blow will in no case be repaired or replaced.

This changes completely when it comes to damages that come from the manufacture of the device itself, as we have commented previously. The fact of having a fault in the magnetism system or simply that the keys do not work correctly is enough to be a candidate for a replacement.

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