PSA: Google Photos also has “I feel happy”

The “I’m lucky” button has been an integral part of the Google search start page for years. However, you may not know that Google is using it elsewhere. The Google Photos app for iPhone and Android has it too.

A brief history of happiness

“I’m Feeling Lucky” is one of the original functions of Google search. You could type in a query and click the button to jump straight to the first result. Nowadays, with results appearing instantly as you type, the button looks more like a fun random number generator.

On Google Photos, the “I’m feeling happy” button shows random things in your library. It could show you photos from a specific day, location, or topic like basketball. You just tap the button and get some photos or videos that you may not have seen in a long time.

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How to use “I feel happy” in Google Photos

This feature is available for Google Photos iPhone, iPad, and Android. It works the same on all of these devices. It just looks a little different.

On your iPhone or iPad, touch and hold the Google Photos icon on your home screen or in a folder. Choose “I feel happy” from the pop-up menu.

It looks different on Android depending on the situation the launcher you are usingbut the same method works. Touch and hold the Photos icon on your home screen, folder or app drawer. Choose “I feel happy” from the pop-up menu.

Touch and hold, then tap "I feel happy"

After tapping the button, Google Photos will open up and you’ll see a page of photos that looks something like this:

Random results from Google Photos.

That’s all there is to it. You can go back and tap the button again to view a whole new set of random photos. This is a fun little trick that you can use to look through old stuff in your Google Photos library and find some great memories.

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