Puddletag Audio Tagger 2.0.1 released for Python 3 port

Puddletag Audio Tag Editor 2.0.1 was released 2 days ago with official Python 3 and PyQt5 support.

Ubuntu 20.04 removed Qt4 and the old Python 2 libraries, so Puddletag 1.2 was also removed from the Ubuntu Universe repository.

The Python 3 & PyQt5 branch was launched by sandrotosi a few months ago. Finally integrated into Puddletag 2.0.1.

Audio taggers may (and will) be added to the main repository in future Ubuntu releases. You can grab either before it happens Source code Or use the unofficial PPA.

Learn how to install paddle tags on Ubuntu 20.04 via PPA.

Alternatively, get the .deb package directly from the PPA link.

Paddle tag 2.0.1 (.deb)

Then install it via one of the Gdebi package installers.

Or execute the command in the terminal (Ctrl + Alt + T)

                      cd ~/Downloads/ && sudo apt install ./puddletag_2.0.1-0focal1_all.deb

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