Python 3.9.1 released with MacOS 11 Big Sur support

The Python programming language 3.9.1 was released a few days ago as the first maintenance release of Python 3.9.

Python 3.9.1 has 282 changes since 3.9.0. This is the first version to support macOS 11 Big Sur. Starting with Xcode 11, you can build “Universal 2” binaries that work with Apple Silicon.Please refer to Change log For many.

How to install Python 3.9.1 on Ubuntu :

1.) Press Ctrl + Alt + T on your keyboard or search for “Terminal” in the System Application Launcher to open a terminal.

When the terminal opens, run the command to add “Dead Snake” Team PPA :

                      sudo add-apt-repository ppa:deadsnakes/ppa

Enter your user password (without asterisk feedback) when prompted and press Enter to continue.

2.) Next, run the command to update the system package cache and install Python 3.9.

                      sudo apt update

sudo apt install python3.9

3.) After successful installation, check the Python version (python –version) of your system.


To uninstall the Python 3.9 package, run the following command.

                      sudo apt remove --autoremove python3.9 python3.9-minimal

To remove Deadsnakes PPA[ソフトウェアとアップデート]Launch[その他のソフトウェア]Go to the tab, delete the repository line and close the window.

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