Qt Cloud music player MellowPlayer has been updated, with remote control support, Pandora radio plug-in

Mellow player Has been updated to support remote control of applications from any other device, Pandora support, etc. MellowPlayer is a free open source desktop application based on Qt that can be used and integrated with cloud music services (and more features) on your desktop, available for Linux and Windows.

It supports many services, such as Apple Music, Deezer, Mixcloud, Soundcloud, Spotify, TuneIn, 8tracks, Google Play Music, YouTube and YouTube Music, Tidal, Jamendo, Radionomy, Plex, Netflix, Yandex Music, etc.; please note that its website does not Not all supported services are listed. This is most likely because Windows and Linux do not support all services when using AppImage.
Each online music streaming service is integrated as a plug-in to easily add support for more services in the future. Desktop integration includes system taskbar icons, customizable hotkey/multimedia key support, MPRIS v2 control (such as sound menus in various desktop environments) and notifications.
This is the latest MellowPlayer (and its YouTube plugin) integrated with the Linux Mint Cinnamon sound applet:MellowPlayer Linux Mint sound menuOther MellowPlayer features:

  • Customizable taskbar icons and application themes (with 7 built-in themes, you can make your own)
  • Automatic or manual HiDPI scaling
  • Song history: It can track the songs you play using each service within a configurable time frame. Monitoring history is not enabled by default
  • Support network proxy and user script
  • Service-specific options for several services:
    • Netflix’s skip credit option
    • Automatically skip and mute ads, and turn off the bottom banner ads of YouTube and YouTube Music

MellowPlayer 3.6.0 (following 3.6.1 and 3.6.2 to fix several bugs) has remote control support, so you can control playback from any device. For this, you need to install MellowPlayer.Connect (And enable remote control in Mellow Player settings), this is a web server application that shows a simple web interface for remote control of MellowPlayer.
It’s worth noting that KDE Connect (and GSConnect) Users can control Mellow Player by enabling the MPRIS plug-in-After enabling this plug-in, open the KDE Connect application on the Android device and click “Multimedia Controls”, you will find MellowPlayer’s playback controls and the currently playing Song name and album art. This feature can be used with any MPRIS v2 compatible media player, not only MellowPlayer. The new version of MellowPlayer also adds the function of automatically detecting broken plug-ins (music services). When the application detects that the plug-in is damaged, it will notify the user and let them know if the problem is known.MellowPlayer Pandora radio

MellowPlayer 1.6 also adds support for Pandora (also known as Pandora Radio). This is a free music streaming and automatic music recommendation Internet radio service, only available in the United States.
More changes in MellowPlayer 1.6 (and 1.6.1 + 1.6.2):

  • Add a filter bar (list available services) at the top of the main MellowPlayer view, and be able to filter by favorite services. Now, MellowPlayer has made great progress and supports many services, so you can easily find the cloud music service you need
  • Change to logging rules and related command line parameters. By default, all.log should always contain all debugging messages, while the console log should be limited to information messages. Also replace --log-level/-l Choose --verbose/-V with --very-verbose/-W. The verbose option enables debugging messages in the console, and the very-verbose option also enables trace messages.
  • Add support for the `Accept-Language` header, which should make MellowPlayer respect the system language of the website (network music service) loaded through it
  • Add the function of displaying the player bar from the context menu (in case it is hidden)
  • Repair Mixcloud plugin
  • Fixed the issue of corruption when trying to control the Spotify plugin from KDE Plasma add-on
  • Other fixes

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Download MellowPlayer

MellowPlayer can be used for Microsoft Windows and Linux. On Linux, you can find local binaries for Debian, Ubuntu, and openSUSE, as well as the Flatpak package and the universal AppImage.
It is important to note that some MellowPlayer plugins (network music services) require Flash, non-free HTML codecs and/or Widevine. This list, Although it will not be updated in a period of time (so it does not include some of the latest plug-ins, such as Apple Music or Pandora), but shows some plug-in requirements. The list also shows which plugins are missing in certain packages (for example, in Windows or Linux AppImage). This page Shows how to install Widevine (drm) when some plugins need it (in short, you need to copy libwidevinecdm.so to /usr/lib/chromium).
I also have to add MellowPlayer Application picture Cannot run on my Ubuntu 20.04 desktop.
of MellowPlayer documentation It also introduces how to install MellowPlayer on Fedora, ArchLinux (AUR) and KaOS.