Qt5 screenshot tool Flameshot sees new version

Flame shot The Qt5 screenshot tool has been updated to version 0.8.0, with some new features, such as a basic launcher panel, circular counter tool, etc.

Flameshot is a screenshot tool with drawing/annotation functions, suitable for Linux and Windows. On Linux, it supports X11 and has experimental Wayland support for Gnome and Plasma.

Like most screenshot tools, the application is located in the taskbar area, where you can choose to take screenshots. It includes annotation tools such as arrows, highlighting, freehand pencils, circles, and can upload screenshots to Imgur.

Flameshot launcher

The new version of Flameshot includes a new basic launcher panel (screenshot above). This is available in the application tray menu (open the launcher), which allows you to select the area (rectangular area or full screen) to take a screenshot and set the screenshot time. This is particularly important because these two functions were previously not available in the GUI and could only be used in the command line.

Flame shooting tool
New Flameshot circle counter and pixelization tool

Flameshot 0.8.0 also includes a new circle counter annotation tool. This is a circle with a number that counts up with each new item added to the screenshot, helping to show the sequence of actions performed in the screenshot.

Another notable change is the addition of support for saving screenshots as JPG and BMP files. Previously only PNG was supported.

Some changes have also been made to improve the discoverability of certain functions and make them available on tablets, such as adding a button to open the sidebar (it is on the left side of the display), which was previously only available by pressing Space. In addition, a slider is added on the side panel to change the thickness of the line. Previously it could only be done using the mouse wheel.

More new features and changes:

  • Replace the blur tool with a pixelated tool
  • Side panel: add thickness slider
  • Allows 45 degree adjustment of certain tools
  • Add option to close after capture (this is currently wrong, the image will not be copied to the clipboard when using this option)
  • Add option to automatically copy URL after upload
  • Add launcher action to .desktop file
  • Allow enter key to copy image to clipboard
  • Added support for 13 new languages, including German, Czech, Swedish, Italian, etc.

The new version also adds Snap and Flatpak packages, although the app is not available on the Snap Store or Flathub, so you need to install these packages manually, so if there is no native package, AppImage is still a better version of it. The easy way. For your Linux distribution.

You might also like Ksnip, which is another screenshot tool for Linux (X11, and experimental KDE and GNOME Wayland support), and it also runs on Windows and macOS.

Download Flameshot

The Flameshot GitHub version page linked above includes binary files: DEB, RPM, AppImage, Flatpak and Snap, as well as source files.

The application is also available in the repositories of many Linux distributions, including Arch Linux/Manjaro, Ubuntu 18.04, Debian 10+, Fedora, openSUSE, Solus OS, etc. However, it has not been updated to the latest 0.8.0 at most (it can now be found in Arch Linux, Debian Unstable and Stable Backports and Fedora Rawhide repositories).

Please note that if you are using Gnome, you need to install Gnome Shell Indicator Extension to see the systemtray icon (this icon is installed on Ubuntu by default, so no action is required).

If you like the old but still good Shutter screenshot tool and use an Ubuntu-based Linux distribution (Linux Mint, Pop!_OS, etc.), you can use the Linux Uprising Shutter PPA to install it.