Qucs-S Qucs with SPICE Circuit Simulator – Qucs-S installed on Ubuntu

Qucs-S is a free open source integrated circuit simulator for Linux and Windows. It is released under the open source GPL-2.0 license. This is a spin-off of the popular circuit simulator Quite Universal Circuit Simulator (QUCS). I am using the SPICE circuit simulation kernel in the Qucs GUI. Supports all Qucs component types and simulations
Direct support for SPICE models from component datasheets. Supported SPICE components are RCL, BJT, MOSFET, JFET, MESFET, switch, source and RCL defined by equation, transmission line. It also supports SPICE model cards, SPICE sections, parametric circuits, SPICE postprocessors, and more.

Install Qucs-S Qucs on Ubuntu with SPICE

You can install Qucs-S circuit simulator via snap and portable AppImage.

Install Qucs-S via snap.

Open a terminal (ctrl + alt + t) application and run it under the Qucs-S snap install command.

sudo snap install qucs-spice

Enter the Ubuntu user password. It’s a Qucs Circuit Simulator with SPICE on your Ubuntu system. It can be opened from the application’s view menu.

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Install Qucs-S via AppImage.

Download Qucs-S

Download the latest Portable Qucs-S .AppImage file from the download link above and save it in your Downloads folder.
Here, the file looks like this:Qucs-S-0.0.22_x86_64.AppImage“Change the following commands based on the filename you downloaded. Open the Terminal app and run the commands one by one.

cd Downloads
sudo chmod +x ~ Qucs-S-0.0.22_x86_64.AppImage

Enter the password for the Ubuntu user. Then run the following command to launch Qucs-S Qucs using SPICE Circuit Simulator on your system.

sudo ./Qucs-S-0.0.22_x86_64.AppImage



that’s it.

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