Quiet Audio Fade – Get the quietest volume level at work

Quiet Audio Fade (aka Quiet AF) is a small applet that allows you to slowly turn down your computer over time to find the quietest level that works.

It’s f.lux for your ears!

This tool is written in the Go programming language and runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS.

It acts as a system tray indicator with only a few menu options. The first option displays the current tool status (ACTIVE or PAUSED) and volume level numerically.

In active mode, gradually reduce the system volume at the time interval set by the Speed ​​option. Higher intervals mean longer and more subtle reductions.

Eventually, if you notice that the sound is a little too quiet and you turn up the volume, Quiet AF will be disabled and the volume will be kept at perfect level, not too loud or too quiet.

How to get a quiet audio fade on Ubuntu:

In addition to building from the source tarball, the applet provides a single executable file on the project page.

Quiet AF release

Get the Ubuntu package and of the files[プロパティ]Grant execute permission in the dialog.

You can finally start it with the terminal command (Ctrl + Alt + T).


If you need an applet, you can move the executable to / usr / local / bin, manually create a shortcut for the app, or add it as a startup application.

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