Qutebrowser keyboard driven web browser

QuteBrowser is a free open source keyboard based vim like web browser for Linux, MacOS and Windows. It comes with a minimal GUI and uses PDF. Js for displaying PDF files. It is released under the GPL license under the Python and PyQt5. A privacy-focused DuckDuckGo search engine is included by default, allowing you to access .onion sites via tor. This browser is inspired by dwb and Vimperator. Qutebrowser uses QtWebEngine by default and also installs qtwebkit-plugins. You can disable Javascript and use adblock.

Install Qute browser on Ubuntu

Qutebrowser is available in flatpak and the official Ubuntu repositories. You can install it from the terminal application. Open the terminal (ctrl + alt + t) app and execute the following commands one by one. Ubuntu Ubuntu 20.04 Works with LTS / Linux Mint 20 or later.

sudo apt update
sudo apt install qutebrowser

You can open it with the following command.


Press the o key on your keyboard to enter the URL, then press Enter. A new web page opens. You can use the arrow keys to navigate the web page. Below are some basic key usage details.

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J – Next tab K – Previous tab Alt-num – num is the tab position to switch d – Close current tab u – Undo tab closure H and L – Go back and forth in history: – Command View-Line / – Search by Page

Check here for more information.Key binding cheat sheet

Install Qutebrowser via Flatpak.

Install flatpak Run it under the Qutebrowser flatpak installation command in a terminal application.

flatpak install flathub org.qutebrowser.qutebrowser

Run Qutebrowser using this command.

flatpak run org.qutebrowser.qutebrowser

that’s all.

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