Rambox is Linux’s all-in-one Messenger

Introduction: Rambox is an all-in-one Messenger that enables you to combine Discord, Slack, Facebook Messenger and many other services in one place.

Rambox: Add multiple messaging services in a single application

Rambox is one of the best ways to manage multiple services for communicating through a single application installed. You can use multiple messaging services from the same interface, such as Facebook Messenger, Gmail Chat, AOL, Discord, Google Duo, Viber, etc.

This way, you don’t need to keep installing individual applications or opening them in your browser all the time. You can use the master password to lock the Rambox application. You can also use the Do Not Disturb feature.

Rambox provides a Open Source Community Edition Free to use. The paid professional edition gives you access to more than 600 apps, while the community adds more than 99 apps. The professional version has other features such as themes, hibernation, ad blocking, spell checking and advanced support.

Don’t worry that the open source community version is very useful, you may not even need those professional features.

Features of Rambox

Rambox preferences

Although you should find most basic features in the open source version, you may notice that some of them are limited to the professional version.

Here I mentioned all the basic functions available:

  • In open source version, you can choose about 100 applications / services
  • Ability to protect applications with a single master password lock
  • Ability to lock every session you load
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Ability to synchronize applications and configurations across multiple devices.
  • You can create and add custom apps
  • Support keyboard shortcuts
  • Ability to enable / disable applications without removing them
  • JS and CSS injection support adjustable application styles
  • Ad blocking (Professional Edition)
  • Hibernation support (Professional Edition)
  • Theme support (Professional Edition)
  • Mobile view (Professional Edition)
  • Spell Check (Professional Edition)
  • Working Hours-Scheduled to receive notifications (Professional Edition)
  • Proxy support (Professional Edition)

In addition to the features I listed here, you may find more features in the Rambox Pro version. For more information, you can refer to Official feature list.

It’s also worth noting that you cannot activate more than three device connections at the same time.

Install Rambox on Linux

You can easily get started with Rambox .AppImage File in Official download page. If you are curious, you can refer to our guide on how to use AppImage files on Linux.

In either case, you can start from Snapshot storage. Also, please feel free to check GitHub release section For .deb / .rpm Or other packages.

Download Rambox Community Edition

wrap up

Installing many applications with Rambox can be a little overwhelming. Therefore, it is recommended that you monitor RAM usage as you add more applications and use them for work.

There is a similar application called Franz, which is also part of open source and part of advanced software like Rambox.

Although solutions like Rambox or Franz are very useful, they are not always resource-friendly, especially if you start using dozens of services at the same time. Therefore, pay attention to your system resources (if you notice performance impact).

Otherwise, it’s a great app to do what you expect. Have you tried Let me know what you think!

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