Random Wallpapers Gnome extension changes your desktop background with images from various online sources

Random wallpaper It is an extension of Gnome Shell, which can automatically obtain wallpaper from many online resources and set it as the desktop background. The automatic wallpaper changer has built-in support for downloading wallpapers from unsplash.com, desktopper.co, wallhaven.cc. , And support for basic JSON APIs or files.
JSON support is actually my favorite feature in Random Wallpaper. That’s because thanks to example It can be found on the Random Wallpaper GitHub Wiki, and you can easily add Chromecast images, NASA daily images, Bing daily images, and Google Earth View (Google Earth View (selected from about 1500 curated locations) Google Earth photos) as images source.Gnomes Random Online Wallpaper

The extended menu allows you to change the wallpaper as needed (just click “New Wallpaper” from the extended menu-so you don’t have to wait for the time interval set in its options to change the wallpaper), view recently used wallpapers, and open the wallpaper file Folder, and then access the extension settings.
The menu also displays the current wallpaper as a thumbnail and allows its URL to be opened in the default web browser.
In the extension setting, you can change the wallpaper source to unsplash.com, desktopper.co, wallhaven.cc or general JSON. Please note that you cannot use multiple sources at the same time, at least not in the current “random wallpaper” version.
You will also find options to change the lock screen background to match your desktop wallpaper, set the number of wallpapers displayed in the history, and change the automatic acquisition interval (I believe the default is 1 hour and 30 minutes).
Moreover, each service has different settings:

  • unsplash.com: Allow the source to be set to @username, you can enter a keyword, or set it to only get featured images. It also supports specifying the width and height of the image.
  • desktoppr.co: You can set it to allow unsafe images.
  • wallhaven.cc: You can use keywords to get wallpaper, and allow filtering of SFW or Sketchy images, as well as filtering by categories (such as regular, anime or characters). You can also specify multiple background image resolutions.
  • Generic JSON: JSON specific settings that need not be mentioned here.

Hovering your mouse over one of the recently used background images on the extended menu will display a wallpaper preview, which will temporarily change your desktop wallpaper to that image (with a good transition effect). It seems that this may cause some Gnome Shell versions (eg 3.24 and 3.26) to crash. In this case, please disable hover preview from the extension settings.Random wallpaper Universal JSON Google Earth view

How to set Google Earth View as an online background image source using random wallpaper

For example, the following is how to set Google Earth View as the wallpaper source by using the common JSON source option. Open the random wallpaper setting, and then General Label in Wallpaper source Select Generic JSON. Below this, you should see the common JSON source settings. Enter the following here:

  • For the request URL, use https://raw.githubusercontent.com/limhenry/earthview/master/earthview.json
  • Under the JSON path, enter $[@random].image
  • Do not enter any image URL prefix

For information on how to set up other common JSON wallpaper sources, please check This one Pages (including Chromecast pictures, examples of NASA pictures of the day and Bing pictures of the day).

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