Realme Phones: How the HDR Mode Works Brightness of Your Screens

Realme mobiles continue to be updated little by little to Android 11 through the Realme Ui 2.0 layer. This is full of new functions to improve the daily use of our phone. And one of those new functions that we have at our disposal has to do with the HDR mode of the phone screen, and the way we enjoy these images on our terminal.

Realme UI 2.0 is reaching the most advanced mobiles of the Chinese brand, which is increasingly better positioned to compete with its great enemy in the cheapest mid-range, Redmi, Xiaomi‘s cheap brand. Some Realme mobiles that stand out not only for a very interesting performance and price ratio, but also for a series of increasingly complete software features.

HDR, what for?

Although you probably already know it in depth, we are going to put ourselves in the situation by getting closer to what HDR is. When we talk about these acronyms, we refer to ” High Dynamic Range ” which are a set of imaging techniques that are capable of improving the luminance of images by balancing the aspect between the lightest and darkest areas of the screen. This type of visualization brings the fidelity of the image, also in color and depth, closer to that which the human eye can capture.

In such a way that in images where there is a strong backlight, a good balance is still maintained between what is in the darkest part of the image and the lightest part. In this way the human eye, thanks to the adaptation of the iris and other techniques, constantly adjusts to adapt to a wider range of light in the environment. In the end there is a wide range of light conditions that we can take advantage of with these techniques without giving up a good color and contrast, that is the key in this way.

What is this new HDR brightness mode for on Realme phones?

Along with the new version of Google’s operating system, the Chinese firm has incorporated numerous functions to its mobiles to make its use more comfortable in any situation. Many mobiles, usually between the mid and high range, offer screens compatible with HDR, or what is the same, that can show a range of colors and a higher contrast than the rest of the screen on the market. This is something that we especially notice when we are watching multimedia content, such as a series or a movie. If this is compatible with HDR and our mobile also, we will notice an image quality much higher than usual. Something that above all we are going to notice for more intense colors and pure blacks, especially when we talk about mobiles with AMOLED or OLED screens. If this is the case of our Realme mobile, with Android 11 we will also be able to enjoy a function that will improve the image quality automatically.

All this thanks to the new HDR brightness mode included in Realme UI 2.0. This setting is intended to make the HDR as noticeable as possible. And for this, the brightness of the screen is increased to the maximum, or almost, so that the colors have a greater intensity, as well as the blacks themselves on the screen, which will be seen much more clearly. Increasing the brightness of the screen is something that allows us to better appreciate all those details and the image quality that our mobile phone is capable of providing. And that is precisely what this functionality offers, automatically increasing the brightness of the phone’s screen when some content compatible with HDR is being played. We usually talk about streaming platforms such as Netflix, YouTube or others, which have a multitude of HDR content. In this way, when we activate this function, the brightness of the screen will automatically increase whenever we start to play an HDR video on our terminal. Thus we will not have to be aware of doing it manually every time we reproduce one of these contents, but without realizing it we will always be seeing the HDR contents in the best possible environment for the screen of our terminal.

How is this new mode activated?

This is something that we can activate from the settings of our Realme phone. From them we can do it as follows:

  • Access your Realme settings
  • Click on “Screen and brightness”
  • Select “More”
  • Activate the slider for “HDR video mode brightness”

As the phone’s own settings tell us, when we activate this functionality, our phone will increase the brightness of the screen whenever HDR content is played , in order to fully enjoy everything that these modes offer us. Since with a high brightness the colors, the contrasts and also the blacks of the screen can be better appreciated in contrast to the color. Of course, we must bear in mind that this functionality can consume more battery of our phone, since if we abuse a lot of watching videos with HDR for several hours, the phone will keep the brightness of the screen very high during all this time. Therefore the autonomy of the phone could be affected by using this functionality. It is our mission to assess how much energy is consumed with this function and make a decision about its use.

It shows instantly

Once we have activated it, we will instantly notice that a video has HDR because we will automatically check that the brightness is set to full, at least that is what we will notice. Not because the video bar fills up and fills up, because we will see it the same, but it is a temporary adjustment that the screen makes when this type of content is played. So it is normal that even if the same level of brightness is displayed in the selection bar , it will actually increase.

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