Recover deleted files on Ubuntu Linux using TestDisk data recovery software

You can now use TestDisk to recover accidentally deleted files and partitions on your computer. TestDisk is a free open source data recovery application for Linux, Windows, macOS, and BSD. With this software, you can recover partition table, deleted partition, FAT32 boot sector, FAT table, NTFS boot sector and restore files from FAT, exFAT, NTFS, ext2 file system and more. It is released under the GNU General Public License v2 +. And it supports almost any file system to find lost partition.

How to install TestDisk data recovery software on Ubuntu

The TestDisk interactive command line tool is available in the Ubuntu Universe repository. Run the following TestDiskDataRecovery installation commands one at a time.

sudo apt update
sudo apt install testdisk

After installation, you can use this command to see the installed version.

testdisk --version

How to recover deleted files using TestDisk

Start TestDisk by executing the following command in the terminal.


[作成],[追加],[ログなし]There are three options.Use the up and down keys[作成]And press Enter. Then enter the Ubuntu user password.

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testdisk log

Then select the disk drive where you want to recover the data. Then press Enter. If this doesn’t work, use the right and left arrow keys to[続行]Select and press Enter.

Test disk drive

Then select and enter the partition table type.

testdisk partition

Then select the best recovery option. Then complete the file recovery.

Test disk recovery

You will be prompted to select a directory to save the files during recovery. In this way, you can use TestDisk to recover all your files.

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