Reduce your carbon footprint and fight climate change with these 7 apps

We often hear about how humans negatively affect the planet. With deforestation, marine litter, and rising CO2 levels, it can be difficult knowing what we can do to help. Even if it looks like one person can’t change anything, there are plenty of little things you can do to offset your carbon footprint. Start by installing the correct apps on your phone.

With one of these seven smartphone apps you can improve your daily life and reduce your carbon footprint.

1. Ecosia

Ecosia is a search engine and browser that work as a great alternative to Google or Safari. Like DuckDuckGo, Ecosia is a private browser that doesn’t store your data or sell your browsing history.

Ecosia makes its money with advertising – like most search engine providers. But Ecosia uses all of its profits to fight climate change, and 80 percent of that goes towards planting trees around the world. Trees are planted in areas where deforestation is a major problem, such as the Amazon.

If you are looking for a browser that will keep your information private and help you reduce your carbon footprint, use Ecosia when you search the internet.

Download: Ecosia for iOS | Android (For free)

2. JouleBug

JouleBug is an app designed to hold you and your friends responsible for reducing your carbon footprint. JouleBug takes complicated problems around us and breaks them down into simple tasks that you and your friends can do.

Users simply download JouleBug and complete the challenges assigned to them. When faced with a task, watch a simple how-to video and learn how your action can affect the world around you. You can do this together with friends.

In a sense of responsibility, you earn awards and trophies as you complete each assignment, and you can measure up to those in your circle. They also generate a feed when you join, and the people in your feed can share achievements and their challenges.

Download: JouleBug for iOS | Android (For free)

3. forest

Forest is an app that allows you to concentrate on your tasks. It is often rated as one of the top productivity apps on the App Store. Forest is easy to use, just log in and plant a seed. Once you’ve planted a seed, there is a limited amount of time you cannot leave the app, so you can focus on the work.

Once the time is up, you would have grown a virtual tree and added it to your collection. If you can’t concentrate and leave the app, your tree will wither. This will keep you away from social media and other distracting apps.

The best thing about Forest is that it also plants real trees all over the world. That said, the more you use the app, the more real trees will be planted. Over time, you can reduce your carbon footprint by helping plant real trees.

Staying productive and tackling deforestation has never been easier with Forest.

Download: Forest for iOS | Android ($ 1.99, in-app purchases available)

4. Hero of the earth

For those interested in tracking their carbon footprint, consider using Earth Hero. Earth Hero helps you calculate your carbon footprint based on your daily habits. When you see how much we are affecting the environment with the carbon footprint calculator, you can hold us accountable.

Over time, you can work on lowering your score by getting things done and offsetting your carbon footprint. Some users have even found ways to become climate neutral.

Earth Hero also gives you assignments to help you take action against climate change, and provides access to a global community of like-minded people eager to make a difference.

Download: Earth Hero for iOS | Android (For free)

5. Buycott

Buycott is an app that is growing in popularity every day; it has been featured on CNN, NBC, FOX, and more.

Buycott is a barcode scanner that shows you details about a product before you buy it. It tells you about a company’s values ​​and, in many cases, what that company is doing to reduce the impact of its products on our climate. If you don’t support a company’s social missions, or if it doesn’t have a mission, then you can skip the purchase.

It also helps businesses learn how their values ​​and actions affect consumer buying decisions. With so many users posting their opinions on Buycott, real change begins and businesses can be incentivized to cut carbon emissions.

Download: Buycott for iOS | Android ($ 1.99)

6. TreeCard

Powered by Ecosia, the private search engine that plants trees, TreeCard plants trees every time you swipe your debit card. By charging a merchant fee for purchases, you pay nothing and the profits go straight to planting trees around the world.

There are no hidden or inactivity fees and you can pause the card at any time. You can also get cashback from selected retailers. TreeCard is not its own bank, but connects to another toll-free bank account via the Sutton Bank. You can easily transfer funds to this account to make purchases and use it all day as it is FDIC insured.

Not only is TreeCard a great way to fight deforestation, but the wood debit card is made from recycled materials and the plastic in the card is made from recycled bottles.

Download: TreeCard for iOS | Android (For free)

7. Strive

Demand is the future of banking. By focusing on social causes, Aspiration users can rest assured that their bank funds will not be used to fund fossil fuel businesses, private prisons, or the manufacture of weapons.

Aspiration offers a no-fee checking and savings account that you can plant a tree with every swipe of your debit card. The Aspiration savings account also earns interest of up to five percent annually, which is more than 80 times the national average.

If you want to fully offset your carbon footprint, apply for the Aspiration ZERO credit card. This card requires good credit to apply for, but using it once a day can offset a person’s entire carbon footprint which means you’ll be carbon neutral right away.

From that point on, any positive changes you make to the environment can offset another person’s carbon footprint. Users of the ZERO card also receive one percent cashback on all purchases. Not only do you save your carbon footprint, but you also save money in the process.

When you sign up for Aspiration, you can also earn a $ 300 bonus if you spend $ 3000 within the first 30 days, which makes the switch even more tempting.

Download: Seek iOS | Android (For free)

You can make a difference

While it looks like one person can’t make a difference with so much environmental degradation, that’s not a reason not to try. Many of us use smartphones a lot, and simply changing our technology habits can reduce our carbon footprint and even become carbon neutral.

If we all work on it, we can improve the planet around us. Fortunately, there is an app for that.

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