Release summary: MyPaint 2.0.0, Blender 2.82, Cheat 3.6.0, Gammy 0.9.56 and Drawing 0.4.11

Many free and open source applications have been updated over the weekend. I don’t have time to publish articles about all articles individually, so this article (short summary) introduces the new versions of MyPaint 2.0.0, Blender 2.82, Cheat 3.6.0, Gammy 0.9.56 and Drawing 0.4.11. .

MyPaint 2.0.0

Three years after the last stable version was released, MyPaint 2.0.0 was released on the weekend, with new layer modes and other compositing methods by default. In addition, the application has been ported to Python3, although it can still be used with Python2.My painting It is a free open source drawing program, available for Windows, macOS and Linux. The application provides unlimited canvases, configurable brushes, graphics tablet support, and an interference-free full-screen mode on a simple GTK+3 interface. It uses Open Raster as its default file format, but it also supports saving images as PNG or JPEG.
Important changes in MyPaint 2.0.0 include:

  • Linear synthesis and spectral mixing/mixing (pigments)
  • Layer view: added controls for switching between different views of the document, these views describe which layers can be displayed at the same time
  • Brush stroke depends on view rotation and view zoom
  • Additional symmetry modes: vertical, vertical + horizontal, rotation, snowflake
  • Extended flood filling functions: offset, feathering, gap detection, etc.
  • New brush settings: offset, grid map, other smudge settings, posters, paint
  • New pen input: lens barrel rotation, basic radius, zoom level, x/y grid map, direction 360, angle of attack
  • New import layer function
  • Painting related to zoom and view rotation
  • New symmetry mode (vertical, vertical + horizontal, rotation, snowflake)
  • Water filling capacity:
    • Added offset, feathering and gap detection
    • Added source, blending mode and opacity
    • Floodfill will now use “Erase” / “Lock Alpha” / “Colorize” mode
  • Python 3 support
  • Added AppImage binary file

The paint/paint modes for all brushes and new layers are now the default settings. If some people don’t like it, or if it is too slow, turn off the “Paint” slider from the “Tool Options” panel (which can be enabled from the “Edit” menu), and then change the layer mode to “Normal”.
“Painting Mode” is a 30-channel weighted geometric mean synthesis mode with up-sampling of the spectrum, which can simulate the appearance of paint and pigments, as shown in the MyPaint screenshot above.
For the next release, developers will focus on fixing the use of the deprecated interface, as well as user interface and performance improvements and some new features.

Stirrer 2.82

Blender 2.82 Linux (Ubuntu)Second update Blender The 2.80 stable branch released more than 1,000 fixes, as well as some other important updates.
Blender is a free and open source 3D computer graphics software tool set for creating animated films, visual effects, artworks, 3D printed models, dynamic graphics, interactive 3D applications and computer games. It is available for Linux, *BSD, macOS and Windows.
For version 2.80, the integrated game engine used to make and prototype game has been removed, and it is recommended to use a more powerful open source game engine like Godot.
Important changes in Blender 2.82 include:

  • With the use of Mantaflow’s new physics-based liquid/gas simulation system, Blender’s simulation has made a major breakthrough and improved cloth physics
  • The new Mantaflow system allows you to create fire and smoke simulations
  • New FLIP solver can produce realistic liquid
  • Improved cloth simulation
  • The popular tile-based UV mapping system (UIDM) is now fully integrated into Blender’s pipeline
  • Pixar USD (Universal Scene Description) export
  • Render faster on Windows
  • Cycles now supports OptiX AI accelerated noise reducer for NVIDIA RTX graphics card (supports multiple GPUs)
  • EEVEE: Many improvements, such as better group node sockets, normal maps for non-mesh objects, performance and quality of the rendering process
  • Grease Pencil: Many changes in the user interface, paint table updates, new tools and modifiers.
  • The user interface and user experience are continuously improved in 2.82; maintain consistency through improved tool systems and layout adjustments

This page explains More details. Have A video It also shows the features of Blender 2.82:

Cheating 3.6.0

cheat It is a command line tool used to view and create cheat sheets on the command line, “designed to help *nix system administrators remind them of frequently used but not enough command options to remember”. It is suitable for Linux, Windows and macOS.
Combine cheats with your own cheat sheets and/or community cheat sheets and get instant examples from the command line, for example:

$ cheat ip
# To display all interfaces with addresses:
ip addr

# To take down / up the wireless adapter:
ip link set dev wlan0 {up|down}

# To set a static IP and netmask:
ip addr add dev eth0

# To remove a IP from an interface:
ip addr del dev eth0

# To remove all IPs from an interface:
ip address flush dev eth0

# To display all routes:
ip route

# To display all routes for IPv6:
ip -6 route

# To add default route via gateway IP:
ip route add default via

# To add route via interface:
ip route add dev eth0

# To change your mac address :
ip link set dev eth0 address aa:bb:cc:dd:ee:ff

# To view neighbors (using ARP and NDP):
ip neighbor show

The latest cheating software 3.6.0 only adds one but important change: it significantly improves the search function. Recently, the tool has been updated to include improved Bash completion scripts and improved fzf integral. Not long ago, an automatic configuration file generation function was added.

To use the cheat feature, install the binary file downloaded from the GitHub version page in a location in your PATH (e.g. /usr/local/bin) And then run cheat --init Create an initial configuration file. Edit ~/.config/cheat/conf.yml Add a path to the cheat sheet. You can get the community cheat sheet from here.
A similar tool uses only online cheat sheets (so you can’t save your own custom cheat sheets). The tool does not need to be installed to use it. Instead, it uses cURL. cheat

Camry 0.9.56

Gammy adaptive brightness on LinuxCamry It is the Qt5 adaptive screen brightness GUI, which has recently been ported to Linux via X11 (initially only for Windows). The app will regularly take screenshots and adjust the pixel brightness based on the content of these screenshots.
The tool allows to configure the minimum and maximum screen brightness, offset, adaptation speed, threshold, screenshot rate and color temperature.
The changes in Gammy 0.9.56 include:

  • Improved brightness and temperature interpolation to make the transition smoother
  • Improved adaptive behavior (work in progress)
  • Adaptive speed slider now allows finer settings
  • Added the adaptation speed setting to adapt to the temperature (up to 60 minutes)
  • Auto mode now automatically deselects when the slider is pressed
  • Redesigned settings window (in progress)
  • Window width can now be resized without limit

There are no Gammy binaries available for download, so you need to build it from source.
For more information about Gammy, see: Gammy: Adaptive Screen Brightness Tool for Linux

Figure 0.4.11

Drawing GNOME applicationDraw Is a basic image editor, designed for the GNOME desktop, easy to use (similar to Microsoft Paint).
It supports PNG, JPEG and BMP image files, and includes classic tools such as pencils, erasers, highlighters, straight lines, curves, shapes, color selectors, and of course the ability to insert text. You can also use it to crop, rotate, add filters, etc.
Changes in drawing 0.4.11:

  • Support using Alpha channel for color selection
  • Add “Outline” option to text tool
  • Geometrically correct ellipse (circle tool)
  • Rounded rectangle option (rectangle tool)
  • Fix the sensitivity of “delete” operation during selection editing
  • Allow to close tabs by clicking the middle mouse button
  • Override the preferences window to include help tags
  • Transparency replacement options

The drawing function can be used on Flathub for easy installation in many Linux distributions, in the PPA of Ubuntu and Ubuntu-based Linux distributions (Linux Mint, Pop!_OS, Elementary OS, Zorin OS, etc.), and in Fedora In the official repositories, Arch Linux, Debian Unstable, Ubuntu 20.04, etc. (although it has not been updated to the latest version at the time of writing). All installation options are listed on the application homepage linked above.