Release summary: X11 gestures, Ventoy 1.0.36, Clight 4.3, Flameshot 0.9, SimpleNote 2.7.0 and Quod Libet 4.4.0

Many applications have been updated recently, and this article describes the changes in these new versions. There is also a brand new GNOME Shell extension for multi-touch gestures on X11. Read on to learn more!

X11 gestures (GNOME Shell extension for multi-touch gestures on X11)

X11 gestures Created by Touchegg developers, it is a new GNOME Shell extension for multi-touch gestures on X11.The extension requires Touch the egg Installed (this is an application running in the background that can convert touchpad or touchscreen gestures into desktop operations).

This extension enables 1:1 gestures available on GNOME in Wayland sessions, and 1:1 gestures using X11 sessions. It requires GNOME 3.36 or higher, but according to the developers, it is indeed the highlight of GNOME 40.

You can video the following:

See also:

  • Use Touchegg to assign actions to touchpad gestures on Linux
  • Touche is a new GUI for configuring Touchegg (Linux’s multi-touch gesture recognizer)

Ventoy 1.0.36 (just copy the ISO to the USB, you can create a multi-boot USB device on Linux and Windows)

Vento It is a tool to create a bootable USB drive using Linux or Microsoft Windows ISO files. It is suitable for Windows and Linux.

You install this tool on a USB drive, and then just copy some ISO files into the USB drive and you can boot from it without making other changes (so there is no need to reformat every time you create a bootable USB drive USB drive, and there is no need to extract the contents of the ISO file). You can also continue to use the USB memory stick for other purposes, and it will continue to function as a bootable USB.

The latest Ventoy 1.0.36 adds a new Linux GUI based on an experimental web browser.To use this feature, run sudo ./ In the terminal (in the folder Located), then open the web browser and go to Access it:

Ventoy web interface

Other changes in Ventoy 1.0.36:

  • When installing Ventoy, the partition is aligned with 4KB by default. (Improvements to the compatibility of the old BIOS)
  • Add a lock icon in Ventoy2Disk.exeFlathubFlathub to identify safe boot options
  • Add “show all devices” option in Ventoy2Disk.exe
  • Ventoy2Disk.exe no longer checks the partition activity flag
  • Optimization of
  • Add support for nbd devices in

For Arch Linux / Manjaro, you can AUR. For other Linux distributions, please download .tar.gz from the distribution page, unzip and run it from the terminal (for more details, see the link below).

See also: Create a bootable USB drive by simply copying the ISO to a USB with Ventoy (Linux and Windows)-includes full instructions on using Ventoy, including how to create a persistent bootable USB drive.

Clight 4.3 (a tool to adjust the backlight of the screen according to the brightness of the environment using the camera)

Clight It is a tool that uses the computer’s webcam or ambient light sensor to obtain the ambient brightness, and then calculates and sets the screen backlight accordingly.

In addition to adjusting the screen backlight according to the ambient brightness, the program can also adjust the keyboard backlight and manage the screen temperature according to the sunset and sunrise time (GAMMA support), similar to Redshit. Also supports external displays. After a period of inactivity, it can also dim the screen and manage the screen DPMS.

The tool can run on X11, Wayland and tty, although on Wayland, your synthesizer needs to implement some protocols to make it work.

Clight is a daemon, no GUI, but a third party GUI The tools you can use to configure it.

Changes in Clight 4.3:

  • Backlight: Limit the backlight value between the first backlight curve value and the last backlight value, that is: never exceed the limit of the backlight curve
  • interface:
    • Fixed a crash when writing Sunrise/Sunset Dayconf properties from dbus
    • Remember that when reading from sd_bus_message, the “b” dbus type is mapped to int. This fixes strange stack crashes.
    • Allow to unset sunrise/sunset from dbus api
  • keyboard:
    • Switch to using the new keyboard API provided by Clightd
    • Add support for StopTimeout (keyboard dimming)
    • The keyboard backlight does now follow the backlight curve (not the ambient brightness!)
  • Gamma value:
    • Do not use state.current_bl_pct in environment_callback(), because it may still have the old value (now updated in dbus, match is on_bl_changed, asynchronous)
    • Only call ambient_callback() on the target bl change, not on step b1
    • Dynamic response to surrounding gamma update
    • After enabling environmental gamma, please respond correctly to the interface gamma temperature update
  • Added man page
  • Added fish and zsh completion scripts
  • Finally fixed a bug that would cause high CPU usage in some cases

To use Clight, you need to build it from the source code of most Linux distributions. On Arch Linux/Manjaro, you can install clight and third-party Clight GUI From AUR.

See also: Clight uses your webcam to adjust the screen backlight according to the ambient brightness

Flameshot 0.9.0 (screenshot tool with annotation function)

Flame shot It is a screenshot tool with drawing/annotation function. This version is suitable for Linux, Windows and macOS. On Linux, it supports X11 and has experimental Wayland support for Gnome and Plasma.

Changes in Flameshot 0.9:

  • Now officially supports MacOS
  • Digitally signed Windows version
  • Improved Wayland support for Gnome (fixed the issue of multi-monitor settings and copy to clipboard)
  • Ability to run flame shooting on Sway
  • The new option allows the clipboard image to be jpeg instead of png.This may reduce bandwidth when pasting the image into a chat or email client
  • New global shortcut menu.All operation hotkeys are fully customizable
  • Hold down the Shift key while adjusting the size of the selection, you can make a “symmetrical” selection
  • The rectangle tool will now round the corners of the rectangle based on the current thickness
  • All Imgur uploads can now be tracked in the “Upload History” menu.This makes it easier to delete images from Imgur or find upload links later
  • Added “Check New Version” function.This allows users on MacOS/Windows/ and AppImages to easily check for updated versions
  • Set the new option of “Fixed save path”.After enabling this function, the user will no longer need to set the path for the saved image
  • Bug fix

For Linux, you will find Flameshot binaries based on Debian/Ubuntu (DEB) and Linux distributions based on these files, Fedora (RPM built specifically for it), and a universal AppImage that can be used on any Linux distribution (make AppImage Executable file, and then double-click to run it).

Flameshot is also available in the repositories of many Linux distributions, but in most cases, it has not been updated to the latest version (for Arch Linux, it is already version 0.9).

The application can also be provided as a snapshot package, located at Snapshot storage, And as a flatpak package, in Flathub (At the time of writing, it has not yet been updated to version 0.9). You can use these packages in most Linux distributions.

See also 2 similar screenshot tools:

  • Snip
  • New shutter PPA for Ubuntu 20.10, 20.04 and 18.04 | Linux Mint 20 and 19.x

SimpleNote 2.7.0 (a note-taking application with optional Markdown support)

SimpleNote 2.7.0 Linux

SimpleNote Is a note-taking application with optional Markdown support. There are applications for desktops (Linux, Windows and macOS), iOS and Android, as well as web clients. The Simplenote application is free and open source software, but the server is not (although there is no cost to use it to synchronize notes).

Simplenote was originally created by Simperium in 2008 and has been developed by Automattic (the company behind, Akismet, etc.) since 2013.

Changes in SimpleNote 2.7.0:

  • Added a sort order column to the comment list
  • Added a list icon to the Notepad toolbar
  • Updated label renaming to be more consistent across applications and across platforms
  • Move the note revision slider to the bottom of the note
  • Added a new annotation icon to the toolbar in focus mode
  • Icon set updated
  • Updated the label editing style
  • Adjusted note list width and font weight
  • Updated the fixer style in the comment list
  • Bug fix

On Linux, SimpleNote is available as DEB (Debian/Ubuntu and Linux-based distributions), RPM (openSUSE/Fedora), and a universal AppImage for any Linux distribution (make it executable, then double-click to provide it). run). SimpleNote can also be used in Arch Linux / Manjaro in the following ways: AUR (It has been updated to the latest 2.7.0 version).

The application can also be provided as a snapshot package, located at Snapshot storage, And as a flatpak package, in Flathub. You can use these packages in most Linux distributions.

Quod Libet 4.4.0 (music player and manager)

Quod Libet music player on Linux

Quod Libet It is a music player and manager that provides several ways to view music FlathubFlathubFlathublibrary. It includes support for Internet radio, audio feeds, and a flexible metadata tag editor. It is suitable for Linux, Microsoft Windows and macOS.

The changes in Quod Libet 4.4.0 include:

  • Move to Python 3.7
  • Switch to XSPF playlist
  • Support mobile library folder
  • Support JACK through Gstreamer
  • Re-style the search query
  • Support feedparser 6.0
  • Add listenbrainz disrupt plugin
  • The first version of the Musicbrainz Sync plugin to send the score
  • Add plug-in “Sync with device”
  • Add option to disable suspension
  • Add Sonos playlist export plugin
  • Beautiful synchronized lyrics
  • MP4: Support description tags
  • Improve plug-in window style
  • Improve local cover art detection

There are more changes in the latest Quod Libre 4.4.0.see Complete change log For more information.

For a somewhat similar music player, you can also check gmusicbrowser, which was released in November 2020 for more than 5 years. Or, for a cloud-based music player with YouTube support and more than 25,000 online radio stations, see Olivia.

On Linux, the application is available from the repositories of multiple Linux distributions, including Debian/Ubuntu, Arch Linux/Manjaro, Fedora, openSUSE, etc. However, the software packages provided by these distributions have not been updated to the latest 4.4.0 version. (At the time of writing) (not even on Arch Linux). There is also a repository for Debian and a PPA for Ubuntu/Linux Mint, but neither of them has been updated to the latest Quod Libet 4.4.0.

Quod Libet can also be Flathub, Making it easy to install on most Linux distributions. This package has been updated to Quod Libet 4.4.0.


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