Remove metadata from files using metadata cleaner

Metadata Cleaner is a free open source file metadata remover application for Linux. It helps to remove metadata from your files to protect your privacy. Not surprisingly, every file comes with some metadata. Examples of photos taken from a camera include information such as when the photo was taken and the camera used. Therefore, if you need to share a file and want to hide these metadata information, you can use the metadata cleaner to remove these small pieces of data from the file.

Metadata cleaner from avi, bmp, css, epub / ncx, flac, gif, jpeg, m4a / mp2 / mp3, mp4, odc / odf / odg / odi / odp / ods / odt, off / Can be deleted or deleted. opus / oga / spx, pdf, png, ppm, pptx / xlsx / docx, svg / svgz, tar / tar.gz / tar.bz2 / tar.xz, tiff, torrent, wav, wmv, zip file format. Comes with lightweight mode and support for keyboard shortcuts. Released under the GPL-3.0 or later license.

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Install metadata cleaner on Ubuntu

The metadata cleaner is available as a flatpak package.the first Install flatpak If you don’t have one. Reboot the system and run it in the terminal (ctrl + alt + t) under the Metadata Cleaner flatpak installation command.

flatpak install flathub fr.romainvigier.MetadataCleaner

Then use this command to run the metadata cleaner.

flatpak run fr.romainvigier.MetadataCleaner

At the top[ファイルの追加]Use the button to add the file. Then click the right fingerprint icon to view the metadata for that file.

Metadata cleaner _

next,[クリーン]Click the button to delete the metadata and[保存]Click to save the new file.

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