Reset Windows Update Agent, Fix Bugs with Updates

When we work with an operating system like Windows 10, we are dealing with extremely important Microsoft software that does not stop growing. That is one of the main objectives of the firm with this project, all with the updates that come to us through Windows Update. But if we have problems with all this, we are going to talk about the Reset Windows Update Agent software.

While this is extremely important functionality for the development team, it is also one of the most problematic. This is where the updates that make Windows 10 grow and improve come from here. In this way, the most recent functions launched by Redmond arrive on our PC, as well as security patches or new versions of the system.

Therefore we could say that Windows Update is actually the platform that Microsoft uses to distribute updates for all kinds of its products. However, as we told you before, all this is not without its problems. And it is that almost from its inception, a good number of users have problems with this application. These usually mean that they do not receive updates, download fails, computer crashes, component failure, blue screens, etc.

Therefore, sometimes there are users around the world who are facing a long process of system restoration where the update is uninstalled. In short, important errors in Windows 10 for just trying to update it. We have the possibility to use some solutions in this regard, but in these lines we will focus on the program called Reset Windows Update Agent.

What is the use of the Reset Windows Update Agent program?

We tell you this because with the firm intention of solving most of the problems related to Windows Update, we can use this program. It is a very simple software solution called Reset Windows Update Agent. Actually, it is a free tool that allows us to carry out various changes and configurations in the system to solve errors in this regard.

Specifically, we refer to modifications and adjustments for the different components directly related to the Windows 10 update system. This will help us to try to avoid having to carry out more drastic solutions such as restoring the system to a previous state, or formatting the system. completely. To say that at the same time it will be useful to us with the updates of Windows 7 , but since this is a discontinued system, few elements of this type will receive anymore.

At the same time, we must know that we are dealing with software without a graphical interface , it is executed from the command line, and that it takes up very little space. Therefore, the consumption of resources in this case is minimal.

How to run Reset Windows Update Agent

For all this that we tell you, the first thing we do is download the program as such, and we start it. Of course, for its functions in Windows to be effective, we have to run it with administrator permissions . Otherwise, the program itself warns us that it cannot be executed correctly.

Therefore, to execute it in this way that we are commenting on, we only have to click with the right button of the mouse on the ResetWUEng file. In the drop-down list that appears we select Run as administrator. Well, if everything goes as expected, after accepting the warning screen that informs us of the operation of the program, we will see its main menu.

Main functions of the program

Well, based on the fact that Reset Windows Update Agent focuses on repairing the components of Windows functionality, here we will see the available options. Thus, in the main window of the program, we find a total of 19 different options. In this way, depending on the problem with Windows Update that we face, we can choose the one that interests us the most. In the same way, if we are not very clear, we can also try one by one until we find the solution that fixes the failure.

Among the functions available here, we can find one that completely resets Windows Update, execute the chkdsk command, change or eliminate invalid values from the registry, or search for new updates . As we say, we find a total of 19 different options, all of them focused on fixing bugs with Windows Update. Something that we must bear in mind is that, depending on the option chosen, the program will internally carry out some adjustments or others.

How to download Reset Windows Update Agent for free

As we told you before, this is a program with which we have the possibility to solve problems related to Windows Update. In fact these have unfortunately become more common than we would like at first. Therefore the usefulness of the application as such is beyond doubt. At the same time, it is worth knowing that we are facing a totally free software solution that hardly takes up disk space.

Of course, if we take into account that it runs in a command line window, the resource consumption is minimal. Therefore, if what you need is to try all of this that we have talked about, you just have to download the program from this link .

Another alternative to Reset Windows Update Agent

Another proposal similar to the one analyzed, but in this case owned by the same Redmond firm, is Microsoft Diagnostic Cabinet . Here we find a program developed to help us with problems with the Windows update function. 10. It is worth mentioning that in this case we find a simple and intuitive program designed to help us with these failures in the updates.

For all this we only have to download the application as such from this link . It is also worth knowing that it is a program that does not require any installation on the system. It is a portable program, so it is enough that we execute it and follow the steps that it indicates. Of course, we recommend that you click on Advanced options so that we can check the box so that the repairs are carried out automatically once they have been detected.

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