Residential and data center agents: what’s the difference?

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Agents are ideally used to achieve digital privacy and anonymity. However, the reasons for privacy vary from person to person. When one person uses anonymous purchases of art from Japan, another person uses it to mine market data to promote their business. Another person may use it to access unavailable Netflix shows in their area.

Various types of agents have been developed to meet the wide-ranging needs of users. Among these types of agents, residential and data center agents are the most popular among users.

They have some similarities in design and function, so that users can use them interchangeably in certain tasks. But each of them has some unique functions, which makes them more suitable for certain functions than other types of agents.

Agent and its importance

Agents have become a common technical tool for Internet users seeking anonymity and privacy. They protect your device and browser by hiding your IP address. When your IP address is not visible, websites and other online systems will not be able to track your network traffic to the device. This makes the use of agents popular among individual users and businesses

But why do you need a proxy?

People mainly use agents to protect privacy. there are many track As well as online surveillance robots, they can use your traffic and access your browser for malicious reasons. Therefore, more and more people are committed to making themselves invisible to these and other digital systems.

Anonymity also allows you to access sites that are not normally accessible. For example, some websites restrict users from certain areas from accessing their websites. You can use a proxy to change your location to an acceptable area and access such websites.

Once you visit these sites, you can conduct market research in the area, get limited services in the area, and even purchase items for resale.

What is a residential agent?

Every device connected to the Internet has an IP address assigned by an Internet service provider. IP address As unique as a human fingerprint, it can be used to identify the device and location you are browsing.

Some Internet users lease their IP addresses to companies that provide agency services. The company then uses the IP address as a proxy for its customers. This type of agent is called a residential agent, and its IP address can be traced to a true physical location.

Because they have IPs with real addresses, sites rarely mark them as proxies. Therefore, they are more secure and reliable because they are less likely to be blocked by websites. Because of these features, residential agents are particularly suitable for data mining for business research.

You can find More information About online residential agents.

Data Center Agent

Unlike residential agents, data center agents obtain their IP addresses from the data center. The data center is a server with wide bandwidth, which is necessary to manage multiple proxy IPs at the same time.

Because IP addresses are not assigned to specific physical locations, it is easier for websites to identify and block data center agents than residential agents. Therefore, their reliability is poor, especially when mining data on secure websites.

However, data center agents are one of the fastest types of agents. For example, a sneaker robot using a data center agent can make multiple purchases in one second.

Data Center and Residential Agent

According to their respective functions, data centers and residential agents differ in the following ways:


Data center agents are cheaper than residential agents.


In general, data center agents are much faster than residential agents. However, static residential agents have also been designed to provide high speed without compromising the quality of residential agents.


Residential agents are more secure than data center agents.


Residential agents are rarely detected and blocked by websites and are therefore more reliable.

The most ideal application

You can easily use data center agents to perform web crawling and data mining on smaller websites. Their speed makes them very suitable for such situations. But if you want Mine data From a larger perspective with a strong security system, residential agents are more suitable.

When you need to change the location to another area, you can use static residential agents and data center agents.

in conclusion

As with any other product, before buying a product, you need to understand the function of a certain type of agent. Its function will help you to evaluate whether it can meet the purpose you need. In the case of residential and data center agents, in many cases both can serve you well.

However, sometimes the security and reliability of residential agents or the speed of data center agents are also required. To avoid confusion in this situation, please choose a reliable service provider that can guide you to make the right choice.

You can download this article in PDF format to support us through the following link.

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