Review: 5 Reasons I’m Glad I Updated from iPhone 12 Pro Max to iPhone 13 Pro Max

I’ve been using an iPhone 13 Pro Max for a little over a month now, and it happened because I took full advantage of Apple’s trade-in program to trade in last year’s iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Side by side, both iPhones would look almost identical except for some minor external differences in terms of things like the notch, front-facing speaker, and rear-facing camera, but a lot more goes on under the hood, which makes this upgrade completely worth it themselves; at least in my opinion.

I don’t regret the upgrade so far, but for those still falling by the wayside upgrading from last year’s model, I thought I’d share my top five reasons why the iPhone 13 Pro Max trumps last year’s handset and why it might be be something worth thinking about.

5 reasons I’m glad I upgraded from iPhone 12 Pro Max to iPhone 13 Pro Max

1. Improved camera performance

Apple wasn’t kidding when they touted improved camera performance with their latest flagship. With iPhones seeing minor camera improvements year after year, that’s to be expected, but the camera in the iPhone 13 Pro Max really surprised me for more than one reason …

Especially the low light performance is excellent . You can capture the powerful new sensor photos of the latest iPhones in an almost pitch-black setting, and the camera app’s night mode feature is combined with the updated hardware to collect more light and create a bright photo with dramatic lighting and detail.

I took a lot of pictures indoors and outdoors when the lighting was so poor that most smartphone cameras would have a hard time producing a blurry or grainy image, if at all, but the iPhone 13 Pro Max has a way to handle high values Details, even when the light seems scarce.

In addition to low light, the iPhone 13 Pro Max sees an important upgrade in the photo department through the support of macro photography. While you could certainly get up close For objects with older iPhones, the focal length left a lot to be desired if you wanted to capture more details. With the new iPhone 13 Pro Max you can fold up the lens close and personally with the intended subject without losing focus, resulting in razor-sharp macro shots.

Even if you’re not taking macro shots, the ability to use up to 3x optical zoom compared to only 2x optical zoom on the previous model means that even distant photos can enjoy more detail when zooming in.

While the iPhone 12 Pro Max wasn’t lazy when it came to photography, the capabilities of the iPhone 13 Pro Max show that it’s simply a better photo device – but the camera sticks out of the handset even more than it did the year before.

2. Increased battery life

I remember playing a game, watching a video, or surfing the internet on my iPhone 12 Pro Max and after a while I noticed the battery drain by checking the control center every few minutes. While the battery level wasn’t exactly heavy as lead, it was a little unsettling to see the battery level drop so quickly when I knew I had my whole day ahead of me.

The iPhone 13 Pro Max has a bigger battery with up to an extra 2.5 hours of battery life, and I’ve surely noticed it with everyday activities like those described above. Although I do see the battery level still drop after long periods of use, it holds out significantly more before it gets as low as the previous handset, so I can spend more time with what I love between charges.

Battery life should be one of the main considerations when choosing the right smartphone, and the iPhone 13 Pro Max is sure to impress in this regard. Even the smaller iPhone 13 offerings have battery life improvements.

3. Improved display

It was unfortunate when Apple didn’t add a ProMotion display to the iPhone 12 lineup last year when it looked like the rest of the industry and even the company’s own Pro tablets were already aiming for higher refresh rates, but Apple finally got it managed to upgrade this time with the iPhone 13 series.

The massive display of the iPhone 13 Pro Max harmonizes perfectly with the smooth and fluid functions of ProMotion. It can lower the display refresh rate down to 10 Hz to extend battery life if necessary, or provide higher refresh rates of up to 120 Hz if necessary to remove all unsightly jitter from app surfaces and gaming graphics for a feast for the eyes to remove.

After using the Apple ProMotion-supported iPad Pro for over a year, the iPhone always seemed like it was lagging behind in terms of display, and I’m glad to see the iPhone finally come with its amazing display -Technology is catching up. In fact, I can already guess that there would be no going back to the traditional 60 Hz display as my eyes have adjusted to the newfangled fluidity.

Aside from the refresh rates, I’m particularly excited about the display’s maximum brightness boost. According to Apple, the iPhone 13 series is able to generate a maximum brightness of 1,000 nits, while the iPhone 12 series could only achieve a maximum brightness of 800 nits. This makes it even easier to see what’s showing on my screen when I’m outside in direct sunlight or sitting near a window inside. Since I do a lot of both, it was a big deal for me.

4. Smaller notch

The iPhone X took the smartphone industry by storm when it introduced its signature “notch” in the display to accommodate the handset’s Face ID hardware elements. Of course, the same notch was present in all modern iPhones up to the iPhone 12 range.

Starting with this year’s new iPhone 13 range, the notch has been made a lot smaller. In fact, when measured horizontally, it’s up to 20% smaller, which means you get more viewing and less intervention, plus more space between the edges of the screen and the text or glyphs that appear on your status bar.

While smaller handsets seem to have busier status bars because of the notch limited screen real estate, these handsets really benefit from the smaller notch. On my spacious iPhone 13 Pro Max display, the notch is much less noticeable than what I was used to on the iPhone 12 Pro Max, and sometimes it just seems to fade from my attention.

I’ve never really been anti-notch, but making it smaller is definitely a step in the right direction.

5. Larger storage capacity

The iPhone 12 series offered consumers a respectable 512GB of storage option size in the high-end range, but the iPhone 13 series goes a step further and doubles that capacity option to a whopping 1TB.

While few people use as much phone memory as I do, the fact remains that ultra-high definition 4K video recordings, photos captured in Apple ProRAW format, and excessive App Store apps and games quickly fill up your device’s available space can and become and wholesome. This later leads to problems with software updates and app installations …

For this reason, I appreciate the higher storage capacity that Apple offers from the iPhone 13 series, as it ensures that I never run out of storage space or that I face the impossible ultimatum to delete things that I do not want to delete or are not in be able to record more videos or download more apps.

Despite the higher price of the 1TB model, everyone will realize the importance of this, especially since the iPhone doesn’t accept removable microSD cards like other brands of smartphones.

The bottom line

While the five reasons above made it worth it for me to upgrade from iPhone 12 Pro Max to iPhone 13 Pro Max, I can definitely understand that everyone has different priorities when it comes to their iPhone needs. That being said, something that makes the upgrade worthwhile to me may not be that big of a deal to someone else. Still, despite the device’s reminiscent exterior, this seemed like a particularly good upgrade, as most of the worthwhile upgrades were under the hood.

Hopefully, if you’ve been thinking about pushing the upgrade forward, especially with the holiday season approaching, then some of the highlights above have given the final boost of confirmation that the upgrade would be worth it.

Have you upgraded from last year’s handset to this year’s model? If you did, let us know the reason in the comments section below. If not, be sure to let us know what reasons prevented you from taking the plunge.

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