Rosegarden Digital Audio Workstation-How to install Rosegarden on Ubuntu

Rosegarden is a free and open source digital audio workstation software for Linux. It’s a great free music composition and editing software. It can also be used as an audio and MIDI sequencer or music notation software. It uses JACK audio server, ALSA sound driver and DSSI synth plugin. It comes with unlimited tracks and a built-in database of real instruments. Supports over 100 midi playback devices. You can record and mix audio using the samples and effects of this tool. Use the LADSPA plugin API.

Install Rosegarden on Ubuntu

Rosegarden is available from the ubuntu repository. So you can easily install it from the default ubuntu package manager. Open the terminal app. It can be opened by pressing Ctrl + Alt + T keys at the same time. Then run this command to update the software source list.

sudo apt update

Then run this Rosegarden Digital Audio Workstation Install command.

sudo apt-get install -y rosegarden

You can then run it from the application menu or using this command in Terminal.


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