Samsung Calendar vs. Outlook: Which calendar app is better on Galaxy devices?

The latest Samsung devices have two calendar apps – Google Calendar and Samsung’s built-in calendar. There is also Microsoft Outlookthat also integrates calendar. The approach of all of these three different apps is different. While you’d prefer a dedicated calendar app, the lack of integration with other apps could be annoying. Since Microsoft Outlook combining email and calendar, we compared it to Samsung Calendar to give you a better idea of ​​which app to choose.

Samsung is gradually improving the calendar functions with every One UI update. You can also download the latest updates from the Galaxy App Store. Microsoft took a shortcut to improve itself Outlook Functions of the calendar. The company bought the popular Sunrise Calendar and integrated the app into the Outlook Email app on Android and iPhone.

Cross-platform availability

As part of MicrosoftsCloud First, Mobile First ‘ Vision that Outlook app is available on all platforms including Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and the web. You can enjoy the same user interface on all platforms.

Samsung Calendar is limited to Galaxy devices only. You also can’t use it on any other Android device.

user interface

As with first-party Samsung apps, the standard calendar app looks and feels fresh. It works well on phones with a tall display too. At the top, tap the hamburger menu and you can see the year, month, week and day.

You will see rounded corners in menus and sections in the calendar user interface to complement the corners of the Galaxy devices.

Outlook    Calendar ui

If you have used the Sunrise calendar in the past, you will feel right at home with it Outlook. Fortunately, Microsoft hasn’t moved much away from the core design.

Create a new event

Both apps covered the usual options for creating an event on the go. Tap the + icon in the lower right corner and you can create an event with a title, date, time, notes, location and more. You can also color-code an event for better visualization.

Add Samsung calendar appointment

Samsung calendar sticker

You can also add stickers to an event. To the example, you can integrate a cake sticker for the birthday party, a beer sticker for the night party or a note sticker for the writing test and more. Samsung even categorized the stickers according to certain categories. Clean!

Microsoft Outlook allows you to add the event title, invite people, date, time, location, description and more. We appreciate how Outlook provides the weather information to inform you about the weather conditions before the event.

Outlook    Add event to calendar


Samsung has an advantage over this Outlook with widgets. Samsung’s calendar app lets you choose from three widget sizes – countdown, list, and month view. Most users opt for the full-size month view that takes up the entire home screen.

Samsung calendar widget

Samsung calendar lock screen widget

Long tap the month widget and you can customize the look with the background color and transparency option. Samsung also allows you to add the widget to the lock screen. Activate the widget via Settings> Lock Screen> Widget. You can now tap the clock icon on the lock screen and view the information.

Outlook    Calendar widget

Outlook also offers a couple of widgets. You can add the calendar widget and jump straight to the calendar section in the app. Hopefully the upcoming Android 12 update will change things for widgets.

Additional functions

With Samsung Calendar, you can activate week numbers and weather forecast details from the settings menu. You can also lock the time and date of events on your selected time zone. Tap the day and Samsung will show you a map-based interface that you can use to navigate through the day’s events.

Samsung calendar functions

Take a page from Sunrise Outlook has integrated third-party TV and sports calendar into the app. From the hamburger menu, tap the + icon and select Interesting Calendars, and you can add sporting event schedules from the NBA, cricket, MLS, NFL and more. You can also add TV programs from different regions of the world.

Outlook    Add calendar to calendar

Outlook also allows you to add social calendars from Facebook and Evernote.

Manage your busy day

Both Outlook and Samsung Calendar are excellent calendar apps. Samsung has better widgets, fun items like stickers, and allows you to view entries from the lock screen. Outlook is available across platforms and the sports calendar is a useful addition to the overall package. The GT team uses it constantly to keep track of the latest tennis tournament schedules.

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