Samsung Internet vs. Microsoft Edge: Which browser is better on Android

The Google Play Store on Android is full of web browser options. There is something for everybody. By default, the majority of users stick with what’s pre-installed on their phones. Google Chrome leads the pack as it is preinstalled on almost every Android phone. However, both Samsung and Microsoft are threatening Chrome with Samsung Internet and Microsoft Edge, or but which one is better?

Samsung Internet Browser is preinstalled on all Samsung devices, and the company recently made it available for other Android phones on the Play Store. Microsoft makes headlines with a Microsoft Edge Browser that offers close Integration with Windows 10 OS.

In this post, Samsung is opposed to the Internet in terms of various aspects Microsoft Edge line up to see which browser deserves the default slot for your Android phone. I use Google Pixel XL to provide a balanced view from both browsers.

App size

The Samsung Internet weighs around 40MB. the Microsoft Edge App doesn’t show the exact size in the official listing. Based on the app data, it should take approximately 55MB of storage space.

user interface

If you look at the home page of the two browsers, you can see that the basics are similar to how Microsoft Edge and Samsung internet. Both browsers use the bottom menu bar for easy navigation on large screens.

The Samsung Internet browser uses a lower menu bar for navigation. You can switch to multiple tabs and access the download menu, bookmarks, history and settings menu from the lower tab.

Samsung UI 2

Microsoft’s approach is better compared to Samsung’s simple offering. Edge has integrated the Bing Daily Wallpaper at the top of the homepage. It looks cool and adds a nice touch to the surfing experience.

Edge    homeland

In short, both browsers are well-designed as smartphones get bigger, and ease of access should be every browser’s priority.

Web rendering engine, speed and performance

Speed ​​is the most important parameter when choosing a web browser. The loading speed of websites depends on various factors. I have often found that Samsung Internet loads websites faster than Microsoft Edge. I’m really picky here. You won’t notice any difference with high-speed internet.

To randomly test the performance, I used both Samsung Internet and. 12 tabs open Microsoft Edge and kept trying to switch between them. I’m happy to announce that both browsers provide fast, glitch-free performance. Of course, your mileage may vary depending on the amount of RAM on your device.


As for the rendering engines, both Samsung Internet and Microsoft Edge Use the Chromium engine to load web pages.

Cross-platform availability

Here is where Microsoft Edge fights back with availability on all major platforms. You can access it Microsoft Edge on Android, iOS, Windows and macOS. Microsoft recently announced Edge also for Linux .

Samsung Internet is only available on Android. You can also access the data on the PC, but there is a catch. Samsung offers a Chrome Extension that allows you to access the bookmarks on the big screen. Samsung uses its Cloud-Service to synchronize the data between devices.

Reading mode

By default, both browsers offer a reading mode. You can easily convert the page to read mode using the small icon in the address bar.

Regrettably, Microsoft Edge does not offer a personalization option to customize the reader mode.

Edge    Reading mode

Samsung Internet allows you to change the font style, font, and even the Reader mode background.

Samsung reading mode

Samsung reading mode 2

Multitasking menu

Multitasking is key when dealing with dozens of tabs. Microsoft Edge offers a tile-sized multitasking menu that lets you see six or eight tabs at a time.

Edge    Tabs

Samsung Internet is all about options. You can display tabs in List View, Batch View (similar to Google Chrome) and grid view. I prefer the list view.

Samsung multitasking

Unique functions

Samsung Internet allows you to save a web page for later reading without data. It works like the Pocket app and you can access it from the bottom menu. The app also works well with Android 10’s dark theme, which is fantastic for those who prefer to read a lot of text at night.

Samsung Internet also offers several ad block extensions to choose from. You can also install video extensions to improve the browser video experience.

Samsung ad block

Microsoft Edge allows web pages to be saved. You can find it in the Reading List menu. My favorite feature in Microsoft Edge is collections. You can easily organize all the relevant web pages and notes in multiple sections in collections.

It is very useful if you do a thorough research. Collections is a beefed up version of browser bookmarks. The good news is that it syncs with the desktop versions as well.

Edge Browser also offers a content blocker from the settings menu. However, you don’t have the option to add your favorite ad blocker here.

Edge    Blockers

Both Microsoft Edge and Samsung Internet offer news integration that is no good.

Which one to choose

Are you still confused between the two? Let me simplify the equation for you. Samsung Internet has the upper hand in customization, features, and add-on support. Microsoft Edge has better cross-platform availability and the Killer Collections add-on. Now which one would you choose as your daily browser driver?

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