Samsung is removing ads from its stock apps this year

If there’s one thing that annoys Samsung device owners, it’s the ads on the company’s standard apps. Fortunately, Samsung decided to get rid of those annoying ads later in 2021, which makes using the company’s built-in apps more enjoyable.

In a statement to The edge, said a company representative, “Samsung has decided to stop using proprietary apps such as Samsung Weather, Samsung Pay and Samsung Theme. The update will be ready this year. “

The company decided that there was more value in providing its users with a more enjoyable experience than making money from these ads. The Samsung representative said, “We value our users’ feedback and continue our commitment to provide them with the best experience possible with our Galaxy products and services.”

Instead of doing something seedy to dodge the ads or switch to non-Samsung apps that offer the same functionality, it’s nice when the phone’s built-in apps work well and look cleaner without the annoying ads taking up space Occupy the screen.

Samsung didn’t give an exact date for the update that would remove the ads other than that it would be available this year. We’ll have to wait and see, but at least the company is moving in the right direction.

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