Samsung mocks Apple polishing cloth and offers Galaxy S20 customers one for free

When I bought the first generation iPhone, it came with a cleaning cloth. Now Apple wants you to spend $ 19 on it. In a seemingly targeted marketing move to mock this, Samsung has decided to give Galaxy S20 owners in Germany free cleaning wipes.

When the Apple Polishing Cloth went on sale after the Unleashed event, it immediately became meme material Twitter and even called on iFixit to literally teardown one. Samsung’s move to offer Galaxy S20 users free cleaning wipes is an obvious attempt to piggyback the hype surrounding Apple’s polishing cloth while earning cheeky brownie points for innovative marketing.

Unfortunately, Samsung’s campaign only went live in Germany and the company is only giving away 1,000 pieces of fabric (presumably one per customer) via the Samsung Members App. Another question that arose was why would Samsung offer this freebie with the Galaxy S20 series? close to be two years old? This is particularly strange, because if Samsung wanted to compete with the iPhone 13, it would have launched a campaign with a wider range with the current flagship series Galaxy S21 or perhaps even the Galaxy Z Fold3 and Galaxy Z Flip3 models and distributed free cleaning cloths to sensitive displays based on plastic.

Interestingly, this isn’t the first time Samsung has ridiculed the Cupertino company. Around this time last year, Samsung teased it for not having shipped a power brick with the iPhones. The company also reprimanded Apple for the notch in the iPhone X back in 2018. However, Samsung eventually joined other Android OEMs and followed in Apple’s footsteps to build a notch in the display and remove the in-box charger.

Given Samsung’s track record of mocking first and then following Apple, we tend to believe that an overpriced cleaning cloth may be sold in the near future as well. We shudder in fear at the thought that this will become another pointless industry-wide trend.


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