Seconoid 8-bit flick screen twin stick shooter

Cecconoid CC is a free open source 8-bit flick screen twin stick shooter for Linux and Windows. Released under a Creative Commons license, it is available as a snap package for Linux. This Creative Commons version is a DRM-free version of commercial Cecconoid. The commercial version of this game is Steam store..

In this game you need to use Samurai 1 Fighter to save the ship’s equinox from Storm Road and Exoron and find Solomon’s Key. This good old school and fun games.

Install Cecconoid on Ubuntu

Cecconoid CC is available as a snap package for Ubuntu Linux. It can be installed from the terminal console application. Open a terminal (ctrl + alt + t) and run this Cecconoid CC snap install command.

sudo snap install cecconoid

The latest Cecconoid CC will be installed on your Ubuntu system. After installing Cecconoid CC, you can run it using this command.


Alternatively, you can open it from the application menu. that’s it. Please enjoy playing.

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