Sensor system temperature monitor with graph

Psensor is a free open source system temperature monitoring application for Linux. With Psensor you can monitor motherboard, CPU, NVidia, ATI / AMD GPU, hard disk drive temperature, fan speed and CPU utilization details. A simple and easy-to-use tool. You can open it in a new window or view all the details from the app trial indicator on the system top bar. It is based on Psensor lm-sensors, XNVCtrl, ATI ADL SDK, hddtemp, libatasmart, and udisks2.

Install Psensor on Ubuntu

You can install Psensor from the Ubuntu repository. Open the terminal app. You can open it by pressing ctrl + alt + t at the same time. In the terminal, run the following commands one at a time.

sudo apt update
sudo apt install psensor

You can also open the Psensor by running the following command, or from the show applications menu on the Ubuntu dock.



The settings allow you to change and adjust some Psensor settings.

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Sensor settings

that’s it.

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