Shell scripting is writing a series of command for the shell to execute. Learn basics of shell scripting in this tutorial.

How to change hostname in Debian 10

The computer name or host name of the system is used to identify it on the network. You are asked to provide a computer name or host name when installing the OS, and it must be unique in order to avoid conflicts. Later, when you want to change the name of your computer, you will… read more »

How to find devices connected to your network using Debian Linux

Sometimes you need to find out which devices are connected to your network. There may be several reasons for this. Your Internet may be slower than usual, you may notice suspicious activity related to someone stealing your Wi-Fi, or you may solve the problem. Whatever the reason, it is recommended that you check who else… read more »

How to Install Sublime Text 3.0 Source Editor on CentOS 8

Sublime text 3.0 is a popular cross-platform, lightweight source code editor with an awesome work environment. It has many built-in multifunction features and Vim mode. This editor offers support for various plugins, code snippets, programming languages, APIs, and markup languages ​​such as Html, PHP, C, Java, C #, asp, Latex, and many others. Users can… read more »

How to reset sudo password in Debian

If you are a new Debian administrator, you can learn how to change the sudo password in the shell. In the end, it is recommended that you regularly change passwords for any user, especially for the superuser who can perform all the important operations in Debian. Only superuser or root can change the password for… read more »

Working with the Vi editor on Linux

What is vi editor Vi or Visual Editor is the default text editor that ships with most Linux systems. This is a terminal-based text editor that users should learn, especially when there are no more convenient text editors in the system. Some other reasons to use Vi include: Vi is available on almost all operating… read more »

How to view network routing table in Debian 10

What is network packet routing? The process of routing a network packet is the transmission of an IP packet from one point to another over the network, for example via the Internet. When you send an email to someone, you are actually transferring a series of IP packets or datagrams from your computer to another… read more »

How to use grep command in Debian 10

Grep stands for global regular expression printing. This is a useful command that is widely used by Linux system engineers when searching for strings or patterns in regular files and on the system. In this article, I am going to demonstrate using grep with a lot of examples. I tested all the commands and examples… read more »

Finding GIFs from Ubuntu Command Line Using GIF-Cli

Sharing Gif to express emotions has become so popular in the last few years that I’m sure you must have found them and shared them too. If you are a terminal savvy person, you will not want to leave the command line and go somewhere else to perform any of your daily technical activities. There… read more »